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    I just talked to my wife about the idea that Jesus and John the Baptist lived in caves. She told me that the Gnostics believed that, something I did not know. (My wife is smarter than me, I admit.) She said that she would e-mail you some websites that you will find interesting. I read your web site references, all but one which would not connect. Now, from what I get from it, some churches were built over caves, and the claim is that John the Baptist lived in one and Jesus lived in another. This may be possible, but hard to prove. Very little is really known about the details of Jesus' life. What was written about him focused mainly on his teachings, not his habitate. It is clear that Jesus visited many towns and villages that were above ground. One of your references stated that Luke mentioned Jesus living in a cave. However, no scripture was cited, and I can't think of any scripture in the four Gospels that lends credence to this idea. Most people, at that time, lived in houses as is evidenced in the archeoligical record. A relatively small number lived in caves. At this point in time, I think it would be impossible to determine if John and Jesus were among those who lived in a cave. That is my take on it. Thank you, for an interesting discussion. I learned something new.

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