What TV shows couldn't you watch as a JW Kid?

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  • NameWithheld

    Pretty much all of them - the only cartoons allowed were Micky Mouse/RoadRunner type stuff. No 'violent' Transformers, etc.

    Anything to do with witches, genies, etc was off limits. Funny enough though the Wizard of Oz was OK.

    I think that the JW parents of the 70's and 80's were a bit more hard core than the current 'crop' though.

  • pandora

    My mom would allow us to watch Scooby-Doo because it wasn't REALLY supernatural. Everytime, they proved that it was just some person trying to scam someone.

    BUT, she decided that she couldn't take my neice and nephew to see the recent movie, because evidently the movie has REAL ghosts in it. She also mentioned a lesbian scene, and said something about the fact that that didn't bother her so much. I don't get that woman!


  • undercover

    Bewitched; I Dream of Jeannie were the biggest of the sitcoms we werent allowed to watch. Munsters, Addams family was ok tho. Twilight Zone was ok. Star Trek was ok cept mom always complained how it taught eveloution. Not allowed to watch crime shows like Mannix, Hawaii 5-0, but Gunsmoke and High Chapparel was ok. Didn't go to the movies much cept for Disney and then it was only the cartoon ones. I remember being forbidden to go see "Bedknobs & Broomsticks"(or sumthin like that). But we saw Snow White(duh, wicked witch).

    I remember some brothers being upset about Star Wars and the Force, the jawas, Darth Vader and the Emperor. Something about druidism and pagan influences.

    No holiday shows. I didn't see the Grinch till I was in my 30s. Great show.

  • beckyboop

    My parents weren't too consistent--most of the time we could watch Scooby Doo, Carol Burnett (eating dinner to it), I Dream of Jeannie and occasionally even Bewitched. We ate Lucky Charms (if mom had a coupon and it was on sale and even Booberry or Count Chocula if we were lucky. We were NEVER allowed to watch the Smurfs, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Star Wars or anything else that contained violence, science fiction, or magic; but we would watch Disney movies and I can remember being terrified of the bad characters (like the witches)! My little brain just couldn't handle the imaginative visuals that included the negativity.

    As I got into my teens, my dad and I would sometimes stay up late and howl with laughter at Benny Hill! It used to drive my mom crazy, but I had other ways of connecting with her. She loved a good romantic theme, so we were huge fans of Remington Steel. Since it was on a bookstudy night, as soon as the meeting was over we'd rush everyone out so we could eat our treat (like someone mentioned before with popcorn) and drool over Pierce Brosnan.

    A few years ago though I convinced my mom to watch Dirty Dancing (and she loved it). I also had a lot of fun (internally) and brought To Wong Fu to their place and watched them squirm trying not to sympathize with the gay characters in it! Their brains were really frying on that one! But I love to laugh, and that one has some funny scenes.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane--I'm sure the longer we all sat here the more we'd remember!!!


  • unclebruce

    Benny Hill (tooo sexy)

    M.A.S.H. (the kids might find the amusing blood transfusing confusing)

    ... and anything on ABC (australias BBC) .. not because the ABC showed anything bad, it was just too high-brow for my lowbred tribe. (if my mum and sisters caught me watching "aunty ABC" there'd be a tirade of abuse unheard of in normal, less God fear'n abodes .. Perhaps it was because the ABC is run by radical lefties? .. nah my lot were just pig ignorant .. only book in the house was mums old bible before we "got the truth" (make that - before "the truth" got us:)


  • joannadandy

    OH god!! Bosom Buddies...I remember I couldn't watch that either, not that I really wanted to--but men dressing as women is so immoral don't you know.

    I also remember it was ok to watch the Adams Family but not the Munsters. The rationale (this is good, pay attention) The Adams family is just weird. Not supernatural. But the Munsters had a warewolf boy, and vampire grandfather--so naughty naughty...

  • cruzanheart

    Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Caspar, Lucky Charms cereals, and ANYTHING that sounded like Evil Rock & Roll Music. My music was limited to classical, Rogers & Hammerstein musical scores, and, of course, Lawrence Welk. Pity me.

    I remember being totally hooked on "It Takes A Thief" but it was on a meeting night, which devastated me. (Alright, gang, I know I'm dating myself big time, but R.J. was a hunk back then! At least to this teenager!) However, our little Kingdom Hall in Frederiksted, St. Croix had louvered windows that were always open to catch the trade winds, and we were tucked into a little plot of land that separated us from the neighbor's house by about 100 yards. They, too, had their louvered windows open, and they watched ITAT religiously (pardon the pun). I always made sure I had a window seat near their living room and I spent most of the meeting trying to hear the TV. Oh well, at least I sat quietly during the meeting!


  • rocky220

    Look guys, with the separation from the world bit, all I had was the TV, so I watched everything!!!


  • KelleyBlair

    You know when people ask me if I have seen certain movies or TV shows and I say no they can't understand why. I know when I left the organization I went out and rented I don't know how many movies of stuff I wasn't allowed to watch, even bought all the Disney movies for my daughter, lol. but I find it funny how most of us were allowed to watch Star Trek and how most of us refer to us being in the Borg. I guess we could all relate to the show, lol. Nice thread for a change too guys thanks.


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