Bowen & Franz What Gain?

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    What did we gain by posting the Bowen and Franz affair? Has Franz ever posted on this forum, if so, why & where?

    Guest 77

  • Simon

    As far as I can see it's been resolved and keeping it going now serves no real purpose.

    If anything, it shows people are 'big enough' to have disagreements and even arguments but to be able to ultimately sort things out.

    I think it's time now that Bill should be given a break from all these comments and the pressure. Sometimes, I *really* need to take a break from the forum or else it would drive me potty so I know how it feels. Bill has been working pretty much 24x7 for a long time now on SIlentlambs and maybe doesn't need a lot more pressure from all of us (even if it is unintentional).

  • Simon

    I'm glad it's been resolved 'cause I still want to continue to support Bill/Silentlambs (in the small way I can) and at the same time have a great deal of respect for Ray.

    Time for us to let it go now?

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  • rocky220

    I'm glad that's over with.....rocky220

  • Englishman

    He certainly needs some space to reflect for a while. Maybe we should leave him be, otherwise he will be so preoccupied with defending himself he won't be able to think rationally.


  • Yerusalyim

    I unwittingly kept it going when I posted my thread. I've since found out the facts so I'm a happy camper.

  • kelsey007

    I agree the whole thing is a waste- except in that hopefully in some way silent lambs may be more discreet in the information they share with the public. The dissapointment I have had, that I believe is shared with several others, is that Silent Lambs seems to focus on throwing negatisms around freely. Hopefully, if read, some of the post critisizing such strong statements made by silent lambs will bring some balance into thier approach.

    I still think that all that are dispensing information from silent lambs and their activities shoud slow down, read carefully what they are about to share, let others critique the wording and flavor and give attention as to what and how the words will effect the efforts on behalf of abuse victims. Why would such inflamatory allegations be dispensed so freely? Why would those who are acvitve in the aid of abuse victims want to keep using harsh words against any who might disagree with an action of someone in the movement? Silent Lambs needs a PR person. One levelheaded person or a committee should decide and dispense each piece of information shared with the public- whether that public is the internet or other media.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    I've met Bill and I think he's a sweetheart. It has taken guts to do what he has done and I'll always call him a friend of mine.

  • Trauma_Hound

    I not once stopped supporting silentlambs, you people forget what this is about, this is about the abuse survivors, it's silentlambs not BB. Shame on the people for not considering the victims!

  • TheStar
    Time for us to let it go now?


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