The pain of false accusations

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  • Pathofthorns
    I want to put the board on notice that this "kelsey007" person is a JW in good standing (possibly even several JWs posting under the same handle) and is on this board only to stir up trouble.

    Every statement made here would seem to be false.

    Take a close look at his posts. Every one manages to stir the pot in some way -- damning with faint praise, causing trouble for the silentlambs movement or Bill Bowen personally, or worst, downplaying the plight of victims of abuse.

    After actually reading closely Kelsey's post for the last couple of weeks I would have to conclude that Alan did not take the time to personally read a significant number of Kelsey's posts. This statement is false too.

    Tell me about your poor son's feet.

    This is imo way over the top if what Windchaser says is true. No father should have to endure this kind of condescending sarchasm if he has had to watch his child suffer tragedy. How is your daughter these days Alan? I'm sure you wouldn't like someone making light of her car accident when that happened.

    I heard you had some wiring problems the last few months. Care to enlighten the board about them?

    I'd be interested in what Kelsey has to say on this too. No one likes a traitor and I almost dropped a post like you did on the board when i heard the rumor. A traitor is the lowest thing there could be.

    But I decided to wait and to read his comments on the board and determined his comments were not consistent with someone who was a WT supporter or a WT "spy" (rolling my eyes).

    Yes I could be wrong, but at this point in time I wouldn't be sticking my neck out on information from someone who has had some serious "misunderstandings" lately and who has been quick to jump to false conclusions. So far all of Kelsey's information seems to checking out whereas Alan's is not.

    If it turns out there was indeed some "misunderstanding" regarding the "wiring problems" incident, alot more people than just Alan owe Kelsey and apology. And that comment about his son was so wrong I feel literally sick to know it was even made. I'd like to hear Kelsey's side of the incident so we can clear the air.


  • kelsey007

    "Wiring problems"? The closest thing I know to where that may have come from is when BB told me I needed therapy because I backed off any support to silent lambs. AlanF is this info you are spreading coming from some such source? Since I do not know you and have never posted to you, dont really remember reading any of your post, I don't know where you are coming from. At any rate I am not interested in in your response as I have already, thanks to those who DO know me, discredited your comments about me.

    Have a good day AlanF- and tell BB I said Hi!

  • plmkrzy


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I thought they saved his feet?


  • AlanF

    I'm not going to say much more about this, except the following:

    My information comes from a source I consider unimpeachable.

    Kelsey worked with the elders in Bill Bowen's congregation to Bill's disadvantage.

    It would only serve the purposes of this person, who is apparently working as a double agent of sorts, for me to say more.

    People can believe me or not -- it's your lookout.

    Path, if you want to get in touch with me by phone about this, you have my number. I say this because you generally appear healthily skeptical, and I've heard that you're trustworthy. I don't know the others who have posted on this thread.


  • abbagail

    I would trust AlanF any day over Kelsey007.

  • avengers

    If anybody wants to dump any garbage I suggest you dump it in the Watchtower Garbage Dump located here.


    That's where the WT goes with their crap. I suggest that all the WT literature be buried here along with all their propaganda and those creating it.

    Andy of the "that shark will never swallow me" class

  • Windchaser
    AlanF said: Kelsey worked with the elders in Bill Bowen's congregation to Bill's disadvantage.

    Would you mind elaborating on this or do we all need to be people that you know and trust?

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  • DannyBear


    I don't think I have ever met one single person who is totally 'unimpeachable'. You have made this public, so why not present your evidence?

    I happen to think Kelsey has made some valid points.

    I think we would all like to know the basis for this charge.


  • plmkrzy
    Kelsey worked with the elders in Bill Bowen's congregation to Bill's disadvantage.

    That really doesn't mean much anymore as far as I'm concerned, and a lot of other's, because just the other day Bill said the very same thing and WORSE about Ray Franz. Only to follow it up with an...oops.

    It would only serve the purposes of this person, who is apparently working as a double agent of sorts, for me to say more.

    a double agent ???? LOL

    Oh rightio, I bet everyone that you don't know is a "double agent" working under-cover for the GB. But then again... maybe YOU are the REAL double agent in a clever disquize.

    People can believe me or not -- it's your lookout.

    What exactly does that mean? Who ever chooses to think you're a bit on the "paranoid" side will be what? murdered?

    Or perhaps ...gasp...found out by the GB, and their cover blown exposing them to the congergations around the world then marked and thrown to Satan?

    Puleeze this has really taken a turn into the twilight zone and only getting worse. Not to mention embarrassing

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