Weird Childhood Thoughts

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  • queer_reality

    My own thoughts were rather unpleasant.

    But I remember my older brother took his hollow core bedroom door off the hinges and stufed a NWT bible (he had to trear the green covers off so that it would fit) inside the door and then re-hung it. That way when they came to take all of our liturature, etc. we would still have a bible.

    I wonder if that door & bible are still there in that house.

  • Realist


    a paper with jehobers name....that is really cute!!

  • apple829

    I remember when I was a kid there was an illustration that was always used about the coming of Armaggedon being like a fork in the road. The brother would always say in a booming voice:

    What path will YOU take...everlasting life or eternal destruction?

    He also said something about having to chose between Jehoooovah and family and friends...what a difficult decision it would be for some to choose Jehovah, than the more popular (and crowded) route.

    I made up in my mind right then and there, by gosh, that I would take the path with the least amount of traffic!

    What a crock!


  • glitter

    A cute one to start with: ; When I was verrrrry little mum told me ladybirds (ladybugs) are ;living creatures and I had to be very careful with them. I also knew *Jehovah* was a "spirit creature"... Jehovah is a giant ladybird! It's obvious!

    I was scared that when the great tribulation came that I'd have to kill my mum. The first time we studied the Revelation book the bookstudy conductor told me that at sometime in the past children were forced to light the fire when their parents were burned at the stake and that if believers in false religion were persecuted in that way, then things would surely be even worse for us.

    I was always scared to go in the sea on my own because I thought that the Wild Beast was going to jump out at me. Not scared of Jaws or sea monsters, my dad used to let us watch any horror film an we knew from being tiny that it was just "kid-on" as he called it, but I was absolutely terrified of a drawing in a book by a "*loving organisation*" and *that* wasn't "kid-on" it was the absolute truth...

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  • Robdar

    Aww, (((((Petty)))))

    No insult was taken. Sorry if I implied that I was insulted or dissed in some way.



  • IronGland

    I used to wonder if I would be faithful while they were pulling my fingernails out or some other unthinkable torture that I was assured would happen to me if I were alive during the tribulation. It was comforting to be told I could endure it if I had enough faith.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I used to wonder where Adam and Eve went to the bathroom and what they used for toilet paper. I also wondered if Jesus got any spankings when he was a kid, and if he did -- did he cry? It really bugged me about why Jehovah made certain creatures, i.e. mosquitoes, fire ants, and dinosaurs. What was the purpose of dinosaurs? How could you have a Garden of Eden if some big T-Rex went around eating and stomping on everything? I also used to wonder about how did God talk to the prophets? I mean did they just hear a voice out of nowhere? How did they know it was God? It might have been a demon or something.

    But the one that really worried me was when Armageddon was near, how would I know what to do? What if I got it wrong? Or what if I went out somewhere and then God swept up everyone and left me behind? I figured we would all be in a prison somewhere, but what if there was a test and I didn't know what to do? This really concerned me when I was little.

  • cruzanheart

    I worried that I wouldn't know what was really the truth. I've prayed a lot at various times in my life to see things as they really are, and not just the way I want them to be. I prayed for that knowledge when I met Big Tex and I am convinced that I saw the real man, with all of his good points and weaknesses (very few, I might add, of the latter). I didn't want to marry someone I wouldn't be able to stay with, and so far it's almost 20 years and still going strong. During the difficult time of deciding to leave the organization, I prayed that I would see them as they really were, and invariably some JW did or said something incredibly dumbass stupid, or thoughtless, or arrogant, thereby reinforcing my reasons for leaving. Now I'm not scared that if Armageddon comes I won't know what to do, because I've learned to trust that God will see that I am doing the best I can, and that's good enough. If it isn't good enough, then I don't want to play.


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