...you mean, you weren't raised JW?

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  • wednesday

    A lot of people raised in the truth take great pide in this. I am a third generation JW and it is sort of a status symbol. Also, i know an elder who felt we were letting a lot of wordly people in the truth and they were bringing in their wordly ways-not like raised in the truth jw. They were sort of more refined. The people who came into the truth as adults somehow always flet the need to apologize for their life before jw.

  • bay64me

    I think that not being brought up in the 'truth' made me feel in a no-win situation as far as my relationship with the congregation was concerned.

    If I was doing well, there were the jealous-sister-types, who could not wait to see me fall flat on my face!

    When I had 'trials', according to them, I hadn't enough maturity to deal with them.

    If I missed a field service arrangment or meeting, (which wasn't that often anyway) then 'the bubble had burst!

    One M.S. even told me that he had seen these newly converted types "go up like a rocket and crash down again with a bang" and I believe that that was what they were all waiting for!

    Incidentally, my bubble didn't pop. Nor did I crash down with a bang.........I just eventually saw through all the lies and got tired of their hypocrisy and judgmental ways and chose a better way for myself.

  • mamashel

    Dan, i think we experienced this to a point, because my hubby was raised jw, and i married into it and was baptized later. When i met my husband he was df'd and not attending meetings. So when we got married he wanted to go back so i went with him. I was baptized in about a year. But people always looked at us funny when we told our story, like OMG, he must have met her in the world and married her. What a terrible thing to do as a jw, didnt matter that i had become one, just that he got involved with a worldly girl.

    Ah well, they always have to have something to talk about dont they, cause their doctrine certainly becomes old hat after a while


  • target

    I was 24 years old when my husband and I got suckered in. We were in for 30 years.

    When talking with those raised in the"Troof" I would somethings think that I had memories they would never have. Their lives seemed quite boring. Even though I had put my "worldly" life behind me, I still would think of the exciting times I had when I was young. There are secrets I will take to my grave.

    The thing now is that I have a lot of self anger for being so stupid. I can't blame parents for raising me in it. I did it all to myself and my child. I kick myself daily.


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  • Coqui

    I have attended roughly 11 congregations over the years in different parts of the country. One thing I can say for certain is that the JW's are consistent.

    There is always that inner circle mostly made up of these families that have been Jehover's for generations. These families generally are made up of oddballs, almost freaks in many cases. To penetrate that circle impossible(why would you want to?) unless you play by their rules and conform to all of their expectations.

    Again I came out of the world, not raised a Jehover. I came in as a young adult and there was always a certain amount of admiration for me but then I got labeled as weak because I remained a lowly publisher, moved a lot changing congregations(he must be unstable, why would anyone make a change?).

    In the end, they never respected me as an individual, for who I am. Always conditional love!!!

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