Thank You All!!!!

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  • kelsey007

    This board has been a wonderful experience. First I would like to thank everyone for tolerating my relentless criticisms. And I also do appreciate all the criticisms that were returned. Freeness of speech is a wonderful right that is new to most of us here and at times, at least in my case, I know that I might abuse it. But as I read through the "lengthy thread" I was touched at how, in spite of the confilct and differing opinions, most of you guys truly care for one another- in a way that is so much better than we enjoyed in the org. Most here express themselves in meaningful, heartfelt ways. What a blessing this is to all those here.

    I apologize if I offended anyone or went over the edge in any of my post. Thank you Simon and thank all here for allowing me to express myself freely.


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  • Been there
    Been there

    You're Welcome

  • Been there
    Been there

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  • DJ

    wow! I'm so happy that you see that! I do too. It wasn't clear at first for me either. Welcome! Your'e forgiven.........even if you disagree love, Dj

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I forgive you Kelsey!

    ps..I'm just kidding of have never offended me, or have you?? Hmmm...I better go check

  • kenpodragon

    I agree, a very nice group of people.

    Did you know in ancient China they would take a block of metal and heat it over and over and bound on it over and over, folding and putting it into the fire and then hammering it more and more. In the end, a beautiful sword appears from something that was once only a lump of metal.

    Thus, what we are. A sharp sword at the hands of much heat and punishment. Yet sharper and more eloquent in life, in our current state!

    My thought


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  • kelsey007

    DJ- You mean that I am not going before a judicial comittee to seek forgiveness?

    Dragon- You are a well worded man, I always appreciate your way of bringing out points- thank you!

  • Windchaser

    Okay, I'm scratching my head. What does Kempy mean when he says we are more "elephant" in life! I gotta know!

    Kelsey, and you call this well-worded?! hahahaha

  • kelsey007

    Well Wind- I scratched my head too over that one- but considering the moment - well I thought I would ask later- good to hee from you though windy...

  • jgnat

    Kelsey, I think you have caught the flavour of the board. Free, free, free speech - sometimes over the top - but we are still all kin of a common experience. It is in our best interest to get along. Unlike the org, however, there is no obligation to be alike.

    Kenpodragon - elephant??? I now have a freaky picture in my head of massive, fat, grey sword things stumping through the forest. Could you possibly have meant elegant? Are you depending on your spell check a little too freely?

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