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  • animal

    I ride one of my bikes everyday, in Phoenix, with a population of several million. You havent lived till you do 80 MPH in rush hour traffic in 4 lanes of traffic. While it doesnt scare me, it keeps me on edge.

    For those of you driving around a motorcycle, there are a few things you can do to keep them safe, and save yourself some heartache from killing them.

    Keep your distance. A cycle can stop much faster than a car or truck. NEVER tailgate a motorcycle, no matter what, besides hitting them, you are distracting them.

    Watch for hand signals. Left arm out is a left turn, left arm bent up is a right turn. Left arm out with the hand open facing you means SLOW DOWN FAST.

    Bikes have the total use of the entire lane they occupy. So many times a car will pass me and come into my lane, sharing it with me.

    In California, bikes can "split lanes" legally. This means that on the highway, bikes can run between lanes, passing cars. This is done for several reasons and is safe as long as you dont squeeze them in or open your door. They are opening up space by not sitting in the traffic, so in the end, they are helping you.

    Finally, never cut into a "pack" of bikes. Many times, we put the newer riders in the middle of the pack, to keep them safe. When a car cuts in, it generally ends up in a close call or worse.

    I always wave at car drivers that coulda pulled out on me but didnt... my way of saying "thanks for not killing me".


  • TTBoy

    You'd be surprised (well not really). On the way back from the march from NY to OH.......NJ had a nice stretch of a 4 lane highway. There was not much traffic. I had to drive in the slow lane (far right) at 85 because countless mini-vans and people "thinking they were driving fast" cluttered the left 3 lanes. It was insane! People cruzing at 70 in the second left lane when the far right one was empty! Un-f'n-real!

    On a 4 lane highway (non-rush hour non congested) noone but people who REALLY want tickets should EVER be in the left lane. Here's a good rule - if you arent doing 80 or better on a 3 lane highway you have NO business being in the left lane. On a 2 lane highway UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING (and no, that car that is a 1/4 mile in front of you doesn't count) get your god damn ass in the right lane.

    Did you know that (correct me if I'm wrong) on the autobond if someone rear-ends you because your slow ass was in the fast lane it's YOUR FAULT because your slow stupid ass should have been in the slow lane. If someone is going faster than you, you MUST yeild (get the hell over).

    TT - could go on for hours

  • alfie

    I would comment on the moronic behaviour and actions of other drivers, however my modesty AND perfection allow me to offer only a mild expletive and/or tsk,tsk.



  • ballistic


    In the UK OK (just to avoid confusion)

  • musky

    Eyegirl, from what scootergirl indicates, you could have randy moss crappin in his pants on the road

    I agree with TTboy, as far as leaving the left lane open for faster traffic. Its just plain courteous. However, I believe that people who pretend like there nascar drivers, should not CLIMB UP ON THE BUMPER OF SOMEONE ELSE IN FRONT OF THEM just to make a statement. That will only piss off that car and they won't move over. Good time for road rage to start! Heres an example: I am driving home last night. 2 lane highway. Traffic was stop and go. then, when the traffic picked up speed, i always found it best to keep plenty of distance to the person in front of me. I still basically keep pace though. All of a sudden a mercedes comes from nowhere right up to my bumper. the moron could not understand why i wasn't doing the same thing to the car in front of me. So he jerks his car around me and pulls a dangerous move to get in front of me. Where did he wind up? That idiot just sat in front of me, tightly to the bumper of the next car! Basically if we all drive with consideration for others, there won't be such problems. Will not ever happen though. When i was younger, I drove fast. Now at 36, I found 2 things work. Keep plenty of room in front of you, and keep the eyes looking in front of you. Also the posted speed limit should be the factor to decide if someone is driving too slow. Cops won't pull traffic over for speeding during rush hour because they know it will cause more accidents. That does not mean that they don't want us driving the speed limit though.

    Beck, glad to know it helped for you to vent. ....... cotton pickin!..........

  • eyegirl

    musky, my sister will say that i drive a little on the fast side, but i am still a safe driver. my dad and experience have taught me well. i've only have one accident (knock on wood) in my life and it wasn't my fault. besides, everyone knows posted speed limits are just suggestions

  • TTBoy

    I totally agree with leaving enough room from the car in front of you to react if they brake. In traffic this get's you cut in on a lot but I just deal with that and back off that MORON.

    You'd be suprised the shock of people when I brake check 'em in my Porsche. 13" drilled rotors all around compared to drum brakes/possible 8" disk on their front - really gives me an advantage Put in in 3rd, heavy brake, than floor it to avoid gettin rear ended. Yea it's a total dick move but some people have to learn the hard way. My brother doesn't pass up snow plows in snow storms anymore after he ran off the road trying one time.

    They think I'd never risk getting hit - wrong! I have insurance and it's leased - so get off my ass! (The best is when their drinking something and it spills all over 'em - though I never do that if there are kids in their car or anyone else in mine). You bet their insurance would drop 'em after that bill (especially because the engine is in the rear on mine as well).

    As for speed limits......the only time I speed is on the highway during non-rush hour. IMO 60/65 is a joke when your in the middle of nowhere. Todays cars are more than capable of driving at 80 due to safety, steering, and braking improvements.

    TT - who want's to go for a ride?

    I forgot to add: If you don't know what the speed rating is on your tires are or don't even know what speed rating IS for tires - you should NEVER drive over 80 MPH.

    And for gods sake SUVs and vans ARE NOT CARS - never drive fast in those. (unless you buy the new Porsche SUV )

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