MORON drivers vent thread

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  • musky

    I just have to do some venting on those other moron drivers! No cotton pickin common sense! People try to cut you off only to stop right ahead of you! No good cotton pickin! Can't people drive like they have even half a brain for petes sake! I swear, people are deliberately going out of their way to make my driving experience a journey into hell! People are always trying to follow so close, They would drive into the trunk if it was open! For crying out loud!

  • KD

    Well you should see what it is like on 2 wheels!! This past summer I decided to take a short ride around town on my motorcycle. I was on Main Street and less than 2 minutes from my house, not a soul on the street but me. Ahead I saw a mini van driven by a senior citizen start to pull out of a gas station, looked at me and stopped. He kepted looking in both directions of the street while periodicly looking at me as I approached. As I was almost up to him, he hit the gas and took me off my bike. My right foot and leg got tangled in his grill before I bounced off his hood and hit the road. As a result my ankle was snapped in half and my foot broken in 5 places. He got a ticket for not yeilding!!

    Resently I was driving my truck home via a side road when I came upon a van which was identical to the one that hit me. The nose of the vehicle was in the street and the driver was looking the opposite direction from me. As I came closer, I realized that the driver was an elderly man. I hit the brakes and slowed down. I got to about 30 feet away and closing in when he hit the gas and pulled in front of me. He did not turn his head in my direction until he turned left and sped away from me. I tried to get his plate to see if that was the same person but he was driving away to fast!!

  • musky

    KD, you think you got it bad? Let me tell you.......... Just kidding.

    That is an unbelievable story! Got away with just a stinkin ticket for not yielding the right of way? Maybe the driver was the parent of the cop. I don't ride bikes, But people tell me they are very scary to drive, because so many people don't see you. The driver of that van is going to kill someone some day! Hope you are recovering well.

  • Solace

    Oh God, d ont get me started!!

    O.k. I'll keep it short. I really hate it when people cut me off and ride my bumper.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Musky, you got some cotton pickin lingo going on here LOL. Road rage, don't ya just love it! I drive to the city every week day, I so hate it. The worst drivers are the rude ones...the are in a lane that is soon to merge into mine, and so I back off a little to let them in front of me, but that's not good enough...the want to get in front of the car before me, or the car before that. However, no one lets them in...and so they are FORCED to take the gap I have offered them....but by this time I have crept up thinking that they don't want my gap so I close it it...damn ungrateful shites. Then next thing, they are sitting on their horn and are wanting me to back off to let them in again. How rude..and then when I do let them in, they are swearing abuse at me.

    Another vent, when the slow car is in the fast lane, oh my, that gets up my nose big time. The worst offenders are the lane changers who do not indicate....they just move in and out of the traffic with no respect for the cars behind them....I've been known to exercise my freedom of speech at a few of these drivers.

    Thank you musky. I feel so much better now.


  • KD

    Hi Musky,

    I am recovering good and should be walking on my own soon. If I did not have my steel toe boots on my toes my have been badly damaged. I was told by the E.R. Doctor that if I had been driving faster than the posted limit of 30 mph, it would have been likely that my foot may have been ripped off, which I am told happens very often when a car hits a motorcyclist. I think I will take up boating instead!!

  • TTBoy

    I posted a response under pet peeves thread. Basically any MORON can obtain a drivers liscence in the US. No skill required, you can be half blind, senile, and semi-retarted.


    Take a suplimental driver's training course. I took one sponsered by Audi Car Club of America. I REALLY thought I knew how to drive a car - I was wrong.

    Credentials for thinking I knew how to drive a car:

    1. I out-ran over a dozen police in cars and on motorcycles (it's a felony now so I don't do that any more).

    2. I'm an offensive yet defensive while driving.

    3. I owned a newer, well maintained, sports car.

    Credentials for REALLY being a good driver:

    1. I took a suplimental drivers training course.

    Please bear with - some people have never even used their ABS systems. Most have no clue what their car is capable of which is extremely important in panic situations. When I went to the march I couuld have been in 3 serious accidents because of others stupidity (merging into me, not checking their blind spots, and not staying right on a highway when not passing).

    Taking a course where you get to actually push the limits of your car, no matter what kind it is (I wouldn't recomend a dump truck) is an invaluable knoledge experience to avoiding an accident and possibly saving your life. Some from the march can verify I'm not bullshitting when I say what type of cars I own. I love to drive yet am frustrated when MORONS get behind the wheel and endanger my life because they are on the phone, have bald, under/over inflated tires, shit falling off their car (for gods sake put a coat hanger on it), and complete obliviousness while behind the wheel.

    I also learned that you shouldn't do 130 in your Porsche or 165 on you CBR900RR on the highway from taking that drivers training course. If it worked for some spoiled cocky a-hole like me it will work for you. Most people would spend 100-200 dollars to save their life.


    Edited to add: If I ever have kids they will take one of these courses before they are allowed to drive (yes they are that good) Drivers ED is a complete JOKE!


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  • eyegirl

    the only thing i have to say is:


    i think that's probably my biggest pet peave when driving--if you're not drivin fast, get yo ass outta the fast lane!!!!

  • Jigrigger

    Here in Alberta, most of our two-lane blacktops have paved shoulders wide enough that one can safely drive on them at highway speeds. So whenever I notice someone coming up behind me and there's oncoming traffic, instead of waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass, out of courtesy I will pull over and let the guy pass me. It really PISSES ME OFF when the dude decides to hang back and not take the opportunity to pass.


  • Princess

    You are so lucky KD. I was watching "Trauma/life in the ER" the other night and a guy had his feet ripped off in a motorcycle accident. Looked like hunks of meat, totally grossed me out. Hope you heal quickly.

    We have a rule in Edmonds, Washington. Let the old people go first because they will anyway.


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