I finally opened my eyes

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  • ugg

    hi,,it is nice to meet you...welcome

  • out4good3

    Hello TA

    Isn't it an amazing feeling finally rising above the fog that envelopes you when your assimilated!!!!!!

    I too and from Houston and I have a buttload of JW in-laws who do nothing but make excuses for their real God the WT.

    Welcome to the board.

  • Joyzabel

    Welcome to the board, TA.

    Glad your binders are coming off.

    My family and I lived in Houston for a short time back in the 80's. (flat, hot city if you ask me )

    There are others here who are from Houston, too. Hope you get to meet them.



  • TTBoy

    Welcome TA,

    Your awakening is similiar to mine. I saw the BBC program first, than dateline, than Silentlambs - then I went to Brooklyn, NY to show my support for the lambs. I have started talking a lot to family members and just mailed today around a 30 page packet to my PO uncle in NC with news articles and also stuff showing him I can't be shunned because I left 10 years ago. I also highlighted and made many comments to a copy of the NOV? '99 KM that discredits the internet.

    Welcome to the board - bet you're glad you typed "Jehovah's Witness" into your search engine



  • pettygrudger

    Wow TA - welcome to the board...there are so many here w/stories like you're own - just be careful because it can get quite addictive!!!!!!

    Btw - what religions have you and your wife been looking into - there are so many choices!!!!

  • Dawn


    I lived in Houston for a short time in the 80's. My brother still serves as an elder there.

    I'm glad that you have done your research - knowing the facts makes it so much easier to break free.

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    Thank you everyone. Reading your welcomes is great. I really felt I had to tell my story. Life has been hard to adjust till now. My wife is my insperation. For a while I thought i was going crazy. I was moody. Tried to please my mom. Didn't know what was in store for me. The only thought was if I'm going to die (Since I was df'd) then i might as well do what ever i want. Her patience, her compassion is what saved our marriage. She never bashed the JW's even when she would at times go with me to the meetings. Al she would do is ask questions. We would go to the meetings (same congregation i got df'd at). There are still brothers and sisters there that remember me from my childhood. I would sit in the back with her and my daughter. When the meeting ended people would come over and say hi to my wife and would go ga-ga over my beautiful daughter. They wanted to hold her. Touch her long hair. Admired the beaautiful dresses. All the while i am not 12 inches from them and they completely ignore me. Some would just smile. When we left, and we were in the car, my wife would tell me how uncomfortable she felt in there. And "how can they just ignore you like that". I would justify the shunning saying "well is just that i sinned 7 years ago". She would say "why do they care for something you did 7 yrs. ago. Looking back I see how ridiculous i sounded trying to justify JW treatment. Oh well, today is the beginning of my new life. J Rizo. I can't believe that is you. I must have listenend to your Judicial Meeting audio 10 times. If only I would have know then I would have taped mine too. Thanks 1 million times over.

  • DanTheMan

    Welcome TA.

    If you've been lurking, you've probably noticed that there seems to be quite a few posters here from the lone star state. Is it something in the water???

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  • TheStar

    From one Houstonian to another WELCOME!!!

    Glad to have you with us Texas Apostate!

    Thank you for sharing your story, we never know who we are helping when we tell of our own experiences. I am always touched and moved when people share their experiences. Yours is no exception.

    Glad to meet you. Join us in chat sometime.


  • johnathanseagull

    Tex......a BIG welcome to the board

    J Gull

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