1925 versus 1975

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    1925 versus 1975

    Most here are familiar with the failed prophecy of 1975. There were large increases in '74 and '75 and declines for the next three or four years after failed prophecy. Now, the impact was far more devestating in 1925. I just ran into some interesting numbers on this subject. In 1918, there were 25,000 believers. By 1925, the number had increased four fold, to 100,000. After the failure in 1925, the number of members dropped to 17,000 by 1928. The number of members did not come back to the 1925 level until 1941, the last full year of Rutherford's life. So, Rutherford with all of his books and bombast did not accomplish much, except for turmoil and heartache for the believers.

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    Hi Larc: This is fascnating ... I suspect that with smaller groups the dynamics will swing more ... and Rutherford was far more dogmatic and absolute in his prophetic language, so that any failure made he and he Society look far worse ... the 1975 language was expressed with glowing confidence ... but stopped short of the absolute style of Rutherford ... and it became easier for the Society to soft-peddle the failure after 1975 came and went.

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    Interesting post. Do you mind if I copy it and post it on the other board? We have a JW troll kicking up a ruckus. JanH is handling him pretty well, but your post is in keeping with something JanH pointed out.



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    Good Thread larc!

    I thought I would add these links for educational purposes (for anyone who is not familiar with 1925 or 1975):

    Here is a Thread with tons of Watchtower Quotes about Armageddon coming in 1925: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.aspx?id=37072&site=3

    Here is a Thread with tons of Watchtower Quotes about Armageddon coming in 1975: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.aspx?id=36961&site=3

    I hope this helps.

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    Nevermind my previous question. I posted a link to this thread over there.



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    Don't they call this "those little seen facts you want know one to know!"

    Very sad, and enlightening!


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    Big Tex

    Jehovah's Witnesses are much like Communism. A good idea, but it just doesn't work.

    We will bury you. -- Nikita Khruschev

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    A Paduan

    I can't agree that it's a good idea - it comes with an IF, and with 'earning your fair share' - the seasoned ways of the world.


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    After the failure in 1925, the number of members dropped to 17,000 by 1928

    Myself, I would have thought the massive decrease was more to do with the dumping of Russellism. This has always been my understanding. the decrease is VERY dramatic. Moreso than is usual revolving around a failed prediction. The basic arguements laying the groundwork upon which Russellism was overturned were laid in place in 1925,about mid year,and the dumping gained momentuum until it went into full implementation thruout 1927, 1928. There are very many Watchtowers debunking Russell in those years. I think it was this that caused the dramatic decrease. The 1925 prediction (which I think was based on 50 jubilee cycles, or was it 70?) was the absolute LAST GASP of Russellism . The groundwork for the dumping was laid even as the prediction was still in effect.

    I could be wrong of course.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    The Watchtower article BIRTH OF THE NATION in March 1, 1925 was the article preparing the ground for overturning Russell. That magazine put forth the New Understanding that "The Lord came to His Temple" in 1918. This proposition, new, and beyond Russellism, once accepted by the believers, then became the base from which Russellism was debunked two years later. If the proposition was true that "The Lord came to His temple in 1918", then The great pyramid was Satans Witness, Not Gods.If "The Lord came to His Temple" in 1918. Then the ressurection occured in 1918, not 1878. Etc, etc.

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