The congregation witch hunt!

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  • kenpodragon

    Very interesting! Thank you for the information.


  • Nanoprobe

    This happened to our family. My son and his wife separated and my son moved in with our daughter and her husband. His wife who had previously been treated by a pyscharist and suffered from a range of problems including an identity disorder, decided he was cheating on her. She and an elder and elderette decided to stalk my son. One night when he and his sister and her husband came back to their apartment after seeing a movie there was the elder and elderette. At the Sunday meeting my college educated daughter told the elder that she did not appreciate him stalking them and then the crazy elder replied that the next time he was going to hang around the apartment complex he would call ahead to let her know. (I mean is that a crazy statement or what? Like he had a RIGHT to do whatever) Anyway daughter tells him the next time she sees him inside her GATED complex she will call the police and have him arrested. Well, of course, this didn't go over well. The circuit overseer gave a talk marking daughter and her husband without any elder even bothering to even talk to them. We decided this was just too crazy of a game to play along with so we spread a bunch of dis-information (learned that from WT) What a stupid policy marking by innuendo!

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  • kenpodragon

    WOW!!! Very extreme.

    Stalking is stalking, whether you do it in God's name or not.


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    If anyone would like more information about some of the things that have happened to me and my relatives while in the JW's, check out this Thread:

  • kenpodragon

    I have not personally seen wire-tapping with people. Being a elder though in my past, one of the things I saw done the most was people backstabbing one another. Sometimes the best friends were the worse enemies in the back room. The world is a big place though and I would never assume to know all the deeds of the Elders. Some are very extreme.

    Take Care


  • Kingpawn


    The History Channel had a show about the witch trials this past week. A researcher says that based on her studies the cause of the seizures, headaches, upturned eyes and so on might have been an epidemic of (I think) encephalitis spread by mosquitos. One clue was that the first victims lived in a swampy area with high mosquito populations.

  • blondie

    Stalking, eh?

    Some elders do that rather than go door-to-door. I remember 2 clowns who took off saying they were going to make return visits. Instead they checked out the homes of several who had not been at meetings for awhile or out in service. It boomeranged on them because the non-witness husband of one sister had notice their previous drive-bys and not realizing they were brothers, called the police. The police stopped the elders who just about soiled their pants. Since they had not been seen knocking on any doors, the police wouldn't believe they were in the ministry and took them down for questioning. It seems several neighbors had called too. That cut off their spying sweeps for quite some time.

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    I have also experienced being "marked" by rumors. After I was DFd, an unbaptized publisher asked me to meet her for dinner. At dinner she explained to me that people in AND out of our KH were saying that I was into witchcraft, that I was a lesbian, and that my husband had a porn addiction and wasn't giving me any....thus why I was gay. I was outraged! (So what if I am a lesbian....that is no ones business.) I called my dad who is an elder in the congregation to tell him these things and ask him to put an end to the rumors. His response? "Why do you care what is being said about you?" I was floored...I should have expected it. My dad is the same one who told me and other publishers that when a person is DFd there is no longer a need to keep their sins confidential. He had even discussed one sisters adulterous relationship with a brother! That sister has since been reinstated. Imagine how it feels for her to know that everyone knows what she did! Needless to say, I will never go back....esp to that congregation.


  • New Eyes
    New Eyes

    The inquisition what a show
    it is really bitching here we go

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  • kelsey007

    This brought to mind the recent event that took place in florida due to what an over zealous waitress in Georgia thought she heard. Most may remember the medical students who were held by the side of the road as the nation watched on cable TV. Don't know what the waitress really heard but I do know that three careers were dramatically changed that day.

    Jumping to conclusions and imputing motive. Overreacting.

    One thing I learned from the JW experience: Question everyone and everything you hear. Don't take things at face value- demand proof and facts. And if it don't concern you- well you may never know the facts.

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