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  • Mulan

    When I read this subject, I thought "YES, I would outlaw them".

    Then of course, reading everyone's reasonable posts, I can see the points. But, if it were possible, I would outlaw them. It isn't possible, but if it were................

    I agree with some of the thoughts already shared though.
    1. Religion should not be tax exempt
    2. They should turn over their pedophile database.
    3. Their workers should be paid. (that alone would bring them down)
    4. Disfellowshipping should be only for crimes and to TRULY protect them (not threatening their "spiritual security)

  • jack2

    I do not think they should be banned. I do think like Dakota that certain disclosures should be required.


    I have heard alot of good ideas and agree with almost everything. Banning the WTS will not stop them. Outlawing the practices that hurt people is what is important. Full disclosure is a must. I would like to see the WTS victims from all over the world unite and take Legal Action on a GLOBAL scale. Sell WTS assets, deposit the money into a trust fund and devide it among the victims. To fight a multi-billion dollar corporation requires a Mass Action Suit. I cannot say that enough. What I don't think has been mentioned on this thread (is that the proper term?) but most of us is aware is the endless stream of destroyed families, killing of innocent children and adults, suicides, mental illness, etc. etc. etc., all because a corporation wants to keep CONTROL and stuff more billions into Swiss bank accounts. The whole thing makes me sick to think about it. I feel the time to feel sorry, whine, complain, and discuss should be over ( not that we do not have a reason too). The time to DO SOMETHING is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each day the BODY count rises. Each day more families are used, and abused and destroyed. Each day children are being sacrificed. Each day witness members are committing suicide. This has to stop, and only YOU can stop it. I have started a Crusade to do this. Will you join? Will you HELP?

  • TresHappy

    It would be a wonderful day to not have destructive cults such as the JW's in our midst. However, they do exist and the best way to combat it is by exposing their falsehoods their own literature. That's what got me out of there, the lies in their own publications, the way they translated the Bible to fit their own belief system so as not to be "like" Christendom. The Internet is the worst enemy of the WT and exposing their vomit. I am so thankful for forums like this, a really great place to vent.

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  • Mulan

    If all the things Trauma Hound mentioned, and I listed (same things) were implemented, that would likely bring them down anyway.

  • Yerusalyim

    FRED (Bomatt6),

    No one wants to outlaw the JW's, make them follow existing laws perhaps, but here in the US we believe in Freedom of Religion. Full Disclosure should be mandatory, and health of Children (blood transufsions, counseling, etc) should be mandatory.

  • truthseeker1

    We should keep religions. They keep the masses in line...LOL

    The people who can think for themselves don't need religion, but do you honestly want 100% of the population out there to think for themselves???? I know its pretty elitist, but the world would be a pretty scary place if a lot of these people didn't have religion...

    *said with a bit of sarcasm*

  • obiefernandez

    I'd eliminate the tax exemption for all religions immediately if I could. Not outlaw them.

    Hit them where it hurts. Their money.

    Taxation causes a couple of significant effects. Immediate impact by having to pay the government. Long-term effects their revenue will decline because people will donate less. Why pay more taxes than what you have to?

    Giving religions tax exemption versus any other kind of social fellowship is ridiculous. I think all religions sucks.


  • Robdar

    Outlawing the JW's would only increase their memberships. Look what happened with the Christians in Rome. The sect got more members when they were martyrs being fed to the lions.

    Nope, don't outlaw the JW's. Everybody has a right to worship as they see fit, whether we agree with that way or not.



  • Dia


    Without question.

    The things they do should not be permitted in a civil society.

    If they choose to continue to operate as criminals, there are other organizations whose job it is to address that.

    But it should not be with our blessing. We, as a society, should have no role in 'condoning', 'blessing' or even 'permitting' their atrocious and criminal activities as if they are just simply 'exercising their constitutional rights'.

    They are not.

    If we continue to do nothing, we are also guilty in allowing many, many, many innocent people and innocent children to walk the long JW plank to their many, many deaths - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological.

    Route out the top and the rest will take care of itself.

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