BLACKMAIL question

by lisaBObeesa 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • ARoarer

    It teaches intolerance. Isn't that a bias issue towards other religions? When it teaches the children to avoid being with others of a different race, creed, or religion?

  • RunningMan

    Even if blackmail or extortion could be proven in court, it wouldn't hurt them. They like nothing better than to be a martyr.

    There is only one way to stop them, and it is simple and virtually free - education.

  • Yerusalyim

    Does anyone know if the Society or specific elders have been sued for allienation of affection in shunning issues?

  • BeelzeDub

    Yes I think this is blackmail and have been giving it some thought myself.

    I have been inactive for about one year, in that time not a single JW has come by my house to see what's up, I guess they are going on the rumors that I am not interested.

    I have it pretty good right now, I leave them alone and they leave me alone.

    I have been thinking about how things will go down when they finally come to my door drooling at me like a 10 point buck on the first day of dear season.

    If they do not want to continue our leave each other alone relation ship, I have been thinking if a reverse blackmail might work with them.

    How do you think they would react if I tell them "I agree to stay away and leave you alone, I want the same for me, if you don't leave me alone, you will unleash the worst Apostate against the JW religion that this town has never seen in history!!!!"

    Do you think they would leave me alone?

  • pandora

    No - I doubt that would work. Only because the word 'apostate' disqualifies you from having a legitimate opinion. Therefore, you couldn't be the 'worst' apostate, because they don't know how bad an apostate is. They are just apostates, and by that ranking they are no longer viewed as someone to listen to. They are completely disqualified from the human race as they know it.
    At least that is what the rank and file would see you as.

    Besides that, someone, earlier, was talking about a lawsuit of some kind against the WTBTS. I have a question. If the reason no lawsuits can be brought against them is because everyone has a choice to be in or not, even if they regret it later. (Maybe the 'full disclosure' issue could be brought up-Maybe they don't have to fully disclose anything. Sorry, just an interesting thought) Ok, so back to the reason no lawsuits can be brought against them. What of those who were born into it and had no choice? Do they have a cause of action? They didn't choose to be in the "truth". And when they try to get out, they are punished. It is not their fault. It wasn't their decision.
    How far off am I? Please enlighten me.

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