JW Youth killed in car accident in Ohio

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  • mamashel

    This story made me cringe. My daughters boyfriend (who is no longer in) and her came over Sunday to tell me the news of a young boy we knew from a previous hall we attended. He was about 19 or 20 years old.

    My daughter said that his dad had just recently kicked him out of the house because they felt he was going against Jehovahs will. I dont know the details as to what he was doing, but he was put out.

    She said one of the things was he was missing meeting because of his job. Well he was found dead in his car early Sunday morning, he had fallen asleep behind the wheel on his way home from work that night.

    Now they say his father is feeling all this guilt about making him move out. It just makes me sick to hear things like this. Such a young man, he had his whole life ahead of him.

    And I can hear the talk now, how if he would have been serving Jah, this probably wouldnt have happened.

    Just wanted to share this, it made me really sad, he was a really good kid.

    thanks, mamashel

  • Yerusalyim

    Sad for everyone involved. I'm not going to try to be the "Dad's" Judge as I know of several circumstances where I would kick my own son out. My dad was the same way. In fact I kinda did kick out the 21 year old when he was 19. He didn't want to follow house rules i.e. not smoking in the house, cleaning up after himself, and bringing porn into the house to the extent that the younger kids were exposed to it. His options, "Follow the rules or establish your own residence and make your own" He choose the later.

  • bikerchic

    mamashel that is so tragic especially in view of the circumstances behind it. My heart goes out to his family especially his father what a guilt trip to live with, and worse yet to live without your son. How sad, how very sad.


  • LB

    This is sad. Always extra sad when a younger one dies.

    I recall the usual comments when an inactive or seldom active witness would die. The usual thing was "well at least now he has a shot at paradise, he'd never have made it if armagedden came first".

    Lots of judges in that organization.

  • Shutterbug

    I was also having trouble following "house rules" when I was 19 so I joined the Air Force. I damn well learned to follow the rules, in a hurry. It just takes a little encourgement. Bill

  • Yerusalyim

    I tried to push Barry towards the military, the $20,000 enlistment bonus, and the GI Bill worth about another $27,000. Being the good little Dub that he is (and being TERRIBLY afraid of his Biological Father) he opted out. He eventually did go to Job Corps and is making about $15.00 an hour as a Plasterer.

    Being in Job Corps and now on his own he's seen the light as far as the importance of cleaning up your messes as you make them, having and following rules, etc.

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  • kelsey007

    Recently I almost lost my 22 year old son to bacterial menegitis. Only a short time before I had ordered my son out of the house. His behaviour was very disuptive to my life. As he laid in the hospital near death I was not overwhelmed by guilt for having forced him out of my home.

    After taking Jon off of life support he cam out of his comma and though he lost both of his feet he is alive. My feelings of love for Jon never left- even as I felt compelled to kick him out of my house. His mother is an active JW. Though I do not support the WT I have never been on an anti-JW campaign. I never take lightly the feelings of others- jw or not. I never try to impute what may be in the hearts of others or what their motivations may or may not be.

    As my heart goes out to the family of this young man I think it sad to use this as a vehicle to further bash and pick apart the religion of his father's choice. This type of attitude rings loudly of the message in another post I read- "Were any of them witnesses?"

    Is ones hate toward the WT so great that we feel the need to use it as a opportunity to bash the WT once again? Have we forgotten that we too, or at least most of us, were jw's as shared in these beliefs?

    How sad that this young man was killed under any circumstances. My thoughts are with his father as he deals with this pain. To lose one's child is the worst of all losses one can face-

    In repsonse to yura: I have never pushed my children toward any dorections except that they have an education, be honest, caring and find happiness in what ever course they may choose in life. I have a close friend who gets offended when I say that her son may be happy as a mail carrier. She has expectations of him being a lawyer of doctor- which is fine and good if that is what HE want and chooses. But equally being a mail carrier or janitor for that matter may be fullfilling to him. His career path is not what makes him who he is. His wealth or lack of it does not make him what he is. It is what is in HIS heart that makes him.

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