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  • BobsGirl

    In the last few months, I have had quite a bit of big deal JW related shi* go down in my personal life. I have started to post about it several times, but each time I start I can't seem to find the words. I want desperately to reach out to folks that I know would understand, but I just freeze up. I can't tell you how many times I have started a thread only to abort without posting.

    Am I the only one? How does one make that final step and actually reach out? How do you break through that terrible wall that shoots up when you are on the brink of spilling your guts?

  • LovesDubs

    Just DO it honey...there isnt anybody on the planet who understands what you are going through better than we do. Whatever it is...somebody here has been through it. Spill it. Get it out.


  • Simon

    I think time is a great healer ...

    ... also, alcohol ...

    ... in fact when combined by drinking alcohol all the time, then it's easier to open up

    Seriously, it is difficult and not everyone's cup of tea. You may find it easier getting to know people in chat and perhaps building up some friendships / 1-to-1's with email and IM initially and having an online friend to 'hold your hand' may help.

  • Funchback

    You just hafta do it!

    I am having a hard time posting 'Emoticons'. I click on the one I want to use and it doesn't show up on my posts. (I just added one to the end of this sentence and I betcha it won't show up on this response!)

  • johnathanseagull

    Hi Bobsgirl...........be rest assured that you are not the only one with those feelings, for the moment I like to comment on various bits and bobs and read some of the fantastic posts here, I know one day I will write a humdinger of a post regarding my experiences and my family but it can wait for the moment, but do know this, 99.9 % here know how you feel, and when you're ready to spill then that's cool

    J Gull

  • Angharad

    I know exactly how you feel Bobsgirl, cant tell you how many times I've hit the back button as well!

    Just go for it when your ready.

  • mamashel


    Only you can know when you are ready to share your story. There have been some really touching stories here, and for the most part, everyone if so understanding and caring. Do it when you feel you are ready.

    And ignore the idiots that reply in ignorance.



  • ThiChi

    I like how Amazing told his story. Get on your word processor and start from the beginning, like writing a book. Take your time. Go back refine it, and then post as much as you want here with your introduction. This will help with the emotional aspect of posting, while still telling your story!

  • imanaliento

    maybe you could just start out with a question. get and answer and post a little info that way.

  • BobsGirl

    Thank you all for your replies. I think Thi's suggestion to put it down in a word document first is a good one. I know that I need the support, it is just hard writing about it.

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