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  • Pathofthorns

    Thanks for making this available Simon and for those in Australia that contributed to this program. It was very powerful and well done.

    I also couldn't help but think of the global nature of these incidents and the similarities with how they were handled leave all fingers pointing to a central policy emminating from a central leadership.

    It is a shame that many JW's will be lucky to see only one of the 3 major tv programs on this subject and I wonder if more would not be concerned and see the inconsistencies between what is claimed and the reality that takes place if they were able to view all of them.


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  • outnfree

    Well, I can't say that I just woke up, but I DO think that many "worldly" people will be waking up in Australia after THAT expose!!!!

    Thanks, Simon and Ang, for hosting this video.

    And thanks again to the brave Aussies who were willing to speak out and document the WT's uncaring policy and deceit.


  • stichione

    thanks a lot Simon. I've been waiting for this for a few weeks now.

  • Simon

    The fact that three different broadcasters have uncovered the same story on three different continents shows that it isn't just a 'one off' or isolated incidents. The instructions came from the top.

  • TTBoy

    Can't access it Simon - dammit I really wanted to watch this. I have windows media 9 and still a-no-go.


  • Simon

    Send me an email and I'll reply with details of somewhere you can download it from.

    Strange ... the PC that I've had the problems suing it with has WM9 on it too ... maybe a beta thing.

  • hillary_step


    I would like to download the programme from your ftp site if possible.

    Many thanks - HS

  • Dia


    At the top, they know all of this. They keep files and they get reports of one child after another abused by the hands of the very same people, over and over.

    And they go to court to stand by the criminals. To assure them that they have friends and that they have God's blessing.

    What kind of people would do this? Only criminals themselves.

    Only people who want to create an assurance that when their turn comes, to be called to justice, someone will be standing by them, too.


  • Duncan


    Thanks for putting this up. I watched it last night. It seems to me that these exposes are getting harder-hitting as we go along. (I mean the Dateline one was good, but Panaorama was better, and this was the strongest one so far, imho)

    The chap who used to be the legal guy in Australia was a VERY powerful and credible voice, I thought.

    Excellent program.


    ps who is "blind Freddie" anyway?

  • Osarsif

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