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  • SixofNine

    Lawrence, welcome to the forum. When your daughter passed away, there were at least two thread topics started in order to communicate to you our condolences and good thoughts, and also our anger and frustration at seeing your situation unfold. Here is a link to one of them: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.aspx?id=36094&site=3

    The other thread had, I believe, even more comments, but I'm not sure how to find it. Perhaps a search by date?

    Wishing you success in your fight, and peace in yourself.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Good to see you posting Shunned Father...Sorry about your loss by the way. I hope you find some comfort from some of the experiences you will come across on here...and I hope your journey here helps you heal and to find peace.



    THANKS for your kind words. For the first two months of my ordeal I was alone and in the dark. Then someone contacted me and informed me of this and other web sites. If that had not happened I probably would have went crazy or killed myself. I was having a difficult time coming to grips with hearing and seeing WTS reps lieing to my family, the media and the courts. I thought perhaps I was imagining all of this, and that it was a bad dream.

    For over eight months I have not been allowed to visit my youngest daughter or take her anywhere. My wife has several WTS lawyers handling her divorce and they are trying to break me emotionally and financially. They have noted in a letter that I am not to have custody or access. Of course I will fight them over this until I have no money left. If I have to I will stand on a street corner and beg for quarters, but I will continue to fight.

    On October 07 there is a court hearing to be awarded costs against the WTS. If I win , this may set a precedent. October 17 the WTS is going to court to charge that Bethany's human rights and freedoms was violated, and that she (a brain washed child and a very sick child under tremendous external pressure) should have had the right to decide to die. Unfortunately the WTS has now got the poster child they were wanting, my dead daughter. I vow to destroy the WTS , or die trying. Will you help? The problem up until now has been that mainly individuals were fighting the WTS. In order to be sucessfull in battling a multi-billion dollar corporation, you need a Mass Action Suit. The more victims that join the better. How can a Court ignore the voices of tens of thousands of victims. How can the world court ignore the pleas of say a million people. Someone suggested having petitions signed to bring about changes in laws. I think most people would love to sign a petition to stop the witnesses from knocking on their door on early Saturday mornings. After enough victims have contacted me, that may be possible to do. I need the help of other victims. I cannot do this alone. Someone ( a group ) has to stop the WTS from destroying families and killing innocent children. Will you help?

  • DJ

    Dear Lawrence,

    Hi again. I'n the poster who mentioned my husband's accident in '97 when he needed 23 transfusions and the shunning of my family as a result. My father (jw) has lymphoma (brain) he refused all blood fractions during his prior chemo. He had to have radiation of the brain. He's been stable for a year but today he has relapsed. He is being evaluted today by his hemotology oncologists which I'm sure you are aware of. I love him dearly and this is a hard day for me.

    I'm telling you this because I understand the frustration and the shunning and the jw mentality. I want to help! I don't see a legal ban from door to door visits by jw's happening in the US. Our freedom of speech and religion laws allow them this freedom. I wish that they couldn't spread their false teachings too but it is not something that our government will involve itself in. If they took the freedom of religion away from the jw's then they could take it away from all of us and that should not ever happen.

    My heart goes out to you and I'm willing to help you with anything else. My e-mail is open. Dj

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