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  • kelsey007

    Scandels and dissention were prevelant in the early christian congregations. It was fortold that wickedness would penatrate the brotherhood as the end approached.(so therefore they have pediphiles) Given 9-11 and the threats of war and on and on and on (not to mention the hurricanes) all this only means the end is fastly approaching.

    If armagedon does not come this time many will leave the org (i.e. 1975)- And with the 1975 date in the memories of so many jw's- though they do not speak of it and try to forget it- the fall out could be greater this time.

    All the hard hitting news that reaches us by cable each day the jw's are quitetly believing that the END IS NEAR. They are afraid to be too loud about it- just in sace they are wrong again- but the thougt is there and real to them.

    So I say- look out- if armagedon does not come shortly and the threat of war dies down- many may indeed drop out of the WT, more than were effected by the 1975 false prophecy.

    Remember they believe themselves to be an elite group, being lead by god's representitives (the GB) and they expect the worst for themselves before their salvation. They have harped on this message for a century- death, prison and ridicule do not sway them. And they are proud of that fact.They love to talk about all the persacution some have endured. To them these scandels only prove to them that their message is the true message.

    The only thing that drives them out in numbers is the failing prophecies. Many of us here remember what happened in the years and months prior to and right after 1975.

  • LovesDubs

    I believe you are right about this. I heard the other day...several times in fact, that the government is looking to establish "peace and security" in the middle east, and you KNOW every time they say that that it has a pavlovs dog reaction in JWs. They said that I believe like in 85 or 86 and we about all went nuts thinking ah HAH! they SAID it! So...here it comes the big boom! I believe they actually WANT Bush to go over there and start something. Anything to bring something resembling Armageddon will do. They just do realize that they will be that baby they are throwing out with the bathwater.

  • kenpodragon


    Good points! Something to add to that. I was at a assembly once, and the speaker said "people in other countries worry the most about USA Witnesses, why? Because they have it so easy they forget the meaning of their faith." What this tells you is this. People get more religious when the heat is on, and not less. When the going gets rough, people grab a hold of God.

    So with all that is happening, and all that has been in the news. Yes, Witnesses do want people to do these terrible things. Not because they are sick, but because they want a reason to belief. They want something to make their faith strong. What worries me, is when things happen that we caused as Ex-Jw's. We are inadvertently doing this for them.

    My thought


  • metatron

    Last week, I mentioned the CNN report on a guy who could see because they implanted electrodes in his visual cortex.

    Two very loyal/zealous Witnesses said something like 'Wow, maybe we won't have
    to wait for the end of imperfection' or words to that effect.

    They can't survive without becoming dumber, crazier, and more cruel.
    There's no other way. They can't hide from all the changes raining down
    on them.


  • silentlambs

    Hey kelsey talked to Ron lately?


  • DanTheMan

    Also, the WT, in its endless propaganda and mental-conditioning campaign, continually makes use of the words "endure" and "endurance". Many JW's just look at the current situation as tests from Satan, to cause them to give out in the "race to life". Everything that happens, in the world or in the congs, reinforces the mental conditioning. If bad things happen in the cong, well Satan is testing us. If good things happen in the congs? Jah's spirit is with us. The world goes to war? More evidence that we're in the last days. The world achieves peace? Ah, the long awaited cry of peace and security. Religions outside the WT prosper and grow? Satan is misleading them. Religions outside of WT lose membership? Babylon's waters are drying up. The WT prospers and grows in certains areas? Jah is blessing us. The WT stagnates and loses membership in other areas? Satan is hard at work drawing people away. Pedophiles in the congos? I don't know how they answer that one.

  • RandomTask

    Being a Jehovah's Witness is like your mind being trapped in a Chinese finger puzzle. The harder things get the "stronger" you are in the "truth". Things which might cause a normal person to doubt or start looking into things or think that things are not actually what they seem have the opposite effect and strengthen the faith that the loyal dubs have in their religion. They have been conditioned to feel this way and add to that the ultimate power that the org has over them, that of their everlasting life and you have a mind holding the key to its own locked cell, but to them its the only place thats "safe".

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Believe me, if the average JW's knew about all the wickedness at the top of their Organization, there is NO WAY they would want Armageddon coming any time soon!

    The ENTIRE Religion is based on completely false theology, not to mention all of their insane and evil Policies and Doctrines.

  • abbagail

    Everything you guys say is so true. We all know it 'cuz we were all of the same mindset at one time. But I gotta big LOL @ RandomTask over the Chinese finger puzzle analogy. Good one!


  • minimus

    Most of the JW's that I know are discouraged. I hear nothing about the end being around the corner. There's absolutely NO enthusiasm for "the truth."

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