Belonging To The JW Club Makes JWs Feel Special!

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  • minimus
    Honestly, they really have nothing going for them except that they are in an exclusive club. They are in a better place than anyone else. They have it over everyone else because of their superiority. They are in the know and everyone else is clueless. JWs are in da club.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸŒžπŸ‘œπŸ’ΌπŸ”
  • Finkelstein

    Cult personalities create subconscious delusions that may seem appealing.

    The strongest of that is that JWS think they aren't going to be killed and everyone else is.

    ........... and to be further rewarded to live in a earthly paradise. ........ ummm ummm good !

  • minimus
    The Brotherhood is appealing to certain people. I remember hearing how any JW could go to any place in the world and be welcomed into another Witnesses home. They always were supposed to take care of their the Mafia....unless you piss them off.
  • Finkelstein

    True Minimus , the JW brag about how loving and unified their organization is.

    That may be partially true but there are other religious organizations that do the same, so JWS are not necessarily unique. Anther partial concept of their delusions.

  • ToesUp

    They have NOTHING else. They have been told to remain separate from the world. Translation: Stay away from all the EVIL worldly people. If they left the org they would have nothing and NO ONE. The older ones especially.

    Our family never followed the party line on this. By us choosing not to adhere to this, we have been able to make a living. Those EVIL worldly people have kept our businesses/careers going all these years. There are some VERY good and generous people out there. They are NOT all evil!

  • The_Doctor10

    In da club, Hall full of dubs, join our sect if you wantin' Hovas love, I'm in here taking notes, so come gimme a hug, if ya into brotherly love.

    Go Yeezy its ya dooms day, we gonna study like its the last days, we gonna sip ya blood like we anointed, and you know we be at your door in the mornin'

  • umbertoecho

    Oh how true all the observations are here. My "in" family are far more equal than me. They are equal to Jesus!! If they remain obedient to the GB that is..... They are the ones who stroll languidly from door to door and knock very quietly so as not to disturb the home owner, for they don't really want to talk about "beliefs" or justify theirs'.

    They just want the house or the mansion, minus the worldly owner, who will soon be nice and dead after the big A

    And the home owner has no idea that some sister or brother has laid a greedy claim to their makes me sick!!

  • eyeuse2badub

    It sure made me feel special and elite. Until I realized how utterly stupid it is to think that your religion along has all the truth. TTATT make us feel better because we realize who we really are.

    just saying!


  • DesirousOfChange

    You summed it up great, Min.

    You gotta remember, they have been drawn by Jehovah........chosen by Him.

    Image result for isn't that special


  • sparrowdown

    Raspberry, raspberry, raspberry to their stinking dub club.

    I'd rather be "in" with the "out" crowd.

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