Family Reuinion and Being Disfellowshipped (sorry...but it's long)

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  • LisaRose

    And the Watchtower wonders why they can't get new recruits. Who would want to join a religion that treats people that way? It's ridiculous, nothing in the bible could be construed to mean that a person should not be allowed to talk to their own child.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself, you have done nothing wrong. Your parents look like the brainwashed cult members they are.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am glad you connected with family. Your parents long to talk to you but the stupid cult rules stand in their way. They apply rules to your sister that they wish they could apply to you. Were it me, I would reach out occasionally by inviting them to life events, sending photos of life events when they didn't attend, continually reaching out to the rest of the family.

    Let the JW part of the family look bad on their own. Don't defend your parents, but remind family that it is the stupid cult rules that makes them that way. "Just try to forgive them. As screwed up as it is, I would welcome them back into my life if they put aside the JW rules." That's what I would say.

  • TheListener
    Thank you for posting that. It is so encouraging. You were really brave and so was your boyfriend.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Thank you for posting! You have accomplished a great deal in your life! Growing away from the high control cult into your own person is very difficult and painful.

    Much love to you,


  • ThisIsMeAwake

    Excellent job on taking the high road. You should send your family this clip of an "exemplary" couple on the 2015 convention talking about shunning their children. Your family will not doubt that the religion teaches this and that your dad is making shit up about deciding to not talk to you.

  • PaintedToeNail

    babygirl-Thanks for sharing this sad story. I agree with ThisisMeAwake, send your aunts and uncles that clip from the RC. Or find some of the articles on disfellowshiping and share them. The truth will then be told.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Good job, babygirl! The more normal & loving you & your boyfriend look, the more obvious your mom & dad's inhuman behavior will become.

    It is very hard to survive something like that! Congratulations! Great that you had the backup and support of your other relatives, things will get easier the more in touch you stay with them, and build up that relationship you use to have!

    Hang in there, realize it's not you, but the BORG that has trained it's worshippers to behave in such a despicable, inhuman way!

    Hugs, Cha Ching

  • Divergent
    Is there any way to have a family reunion WITHOUT your parents? Would be fun if the tables are turned & they are the ones unwelcome!
  • ToesUp


    This is a sad story. It is hard to believe that parents can completely turn on their own child.

    I heard a story of a childhood friend (she is an only child) who was DF'd and all are shunning her. Now her parents are elderly, sickly and in need of some physical and financial help. One of the Brothers said they are trying to "track down" the daughter. The part that sickens me is they have treated her as if she is dead UNTIL they NEED her help. These people have NO shame!

    You sound like you have a great bf. Hang on to him for strength. Let your parents (they don't even deserve to be called that) go. As much as it breaks your heart. They showed their true colors to your entire family. A BIG hug to you and your bf!

  • babygirl30

    Do you all think the letter to my dad would be too much though? He is a very old school, proud, controlling, black man...doesnt like being put 'out' there. But I feel like its time he needs to know how ridiculous he looks/acts.

    My therapist also suggested actually trying to sit and talk with him. I would prefer that, but am at a ccross-roads...?

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