Will everyone stop wearing clothes?

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  • plmkrzy

    After the earth is turned into a global paradise,

    Will everyone stop wearing clothes?

    Will our eyes become closed to nudity as they were in the beginning?

    And would it be a good thing?

    I wouldnt like it AT ALL. No more style, no more getting dressed up to go out dancing, no more graduation hats.

    How do you think you would feel about it? Just trying to imagine what we were suppose to REALLY be looking forward to in the end whatever.

    Paradise Restored and everything goes back to its original state before "sin" that means what? Suddenly one day (when the time is right) we would see our selves wearing clothes and get embarrassed? Feel stupid? Any thoughts?

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  • searcher

    Seems to me that paradise is the place that humans look after so that god has a place to walk.

    I never did understand why A&E suddenly realised that not wearing clothes was wrong, they were supposed to have been created COMPLETE so why the clothes/no clothes deal?


  • finnrot

    Hi Plm, even when I was a little kid, I used to think of how boring living forever would be, especially since everything that looked fun to me was a sin.

    And even as a kid, I realized that sooner or later somebody would piss off Jehohah again and he would destroy me and everybody else eventually.


  • plmkrzy


    Yeh exactly. Humans cover themselves up but they were not (they duh) we were not created with clothes we got our start with cloths right after sin. "shame"

    Doesn't make a lot of sense especially when your a JW being ashamed is par for the course. Even in private. That is strange.


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  • plmkrzy


    I never use to think it would be boring but I do remember thinking all the time (when I was a kid) that we would somehow end up getting in trouble and then instead of dieing from old age God would just disintegrate us on sight

  • nilfun

    Once I was walking to the park with my children. It was a very hot summer's day, and finally my son stopped and peeled his shirt off. We continued on our way, and as I walked behind him I stared at his bare back and with a slight tinge of envy wondered what it must feel like, just to have the freedom to take off your top on a warm day and go around barechested with no shame attached. What at first seemed trivial really wasn't. This boy was free to follow his natural impulse on a hot day. As a female, I wasn't. No, I wouldn't miss any unnecessary clothes or hats or any of that stuff. And it would still be possible for me to have style. For example, on Monday I could wear a rose behind my ear, Tuesday a lei around my neck, Wednesday a brightly colored bird's feather in my hair, and so on...

  • puzzled

    Dancing would never be quite the same.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well for goodness sake plum, youve seen the pics in the magazines of paradise. Everyone will be wearing the traditional dress of the coutry they hail from. Which is rather odd when you think about it because national divisions are a nasty thing never intended. Actually, just stop running ahead of Jehovahs Theocratric New World Order Organization and you will do fine. Just concentrate on knitting, cooking, and looking attractive as a weaker vessel so your new order man can smile benificently upon you. Back into your place sister and be silent is what im basically saying.

    As for the DANCING thang.. You really do need a bit of guidance dont you?? There wont be ANY dancing in Jehovahs Theocratic New World Order. Dancing, and indeed "dressing up" as you refer to it, is personal vanity. Forget all that, just grab a palm branch and get practised in singing Hossana Hossana in the highest. And make sure you SMILE while your doing it.


  • ballistic

    Just think of the health and safety aspects. You may have ever lasting life, but who said that if you loose any 'bits' you will get them back?

    Is God going to intervene every time some one gets there knackers caught in a door, or when someone forgets they no longer eat meat and accidently barbeque a sausage?

  • plmkrzy
    Everyone will be wearing the traditional dress of the coutry they hail from.

    LOL RF

    That's true I forgot about that and you left out the baskets. Everyone will carry baskets everywhere they go. and smile at fruit.

    I know I'm borderlining causing divisions among the masses but my mind gets carried away sometimes and I expierence ...sush...free thoughts all by myself

    When thinking about what I have been taught for 40 years, give or take, unexpectedly It happens, these thoughts take over my mind and I can't stop them and before I know it I'm woundering why some things don't fit.

    You won't tell anyone what I said will you?


    accidently barbeque a sausage?

    after you accidently shot the pig and it accidently fell into the meet grinder.

    It doesn't seem to matter what bible you read, unless you're looking for discrepancies in translation it's not easy to just abandon the big picture. Unless you didn't really buy it to begin with, starting at childhood.

    For those who were born and raised in it, how do you completely abandon all teachings based on specific screw-ups of a few men?

    Obviously a lot of posters here still have faith in the scriptures, just not the interpretation they were previously taught. So how do you explain "Restoration" Unless you believe the Garden of Eden was a myth and Genesis is all metaphor? And if it is all metaphor, then what do you think "Restoration" is referring to? Restoration of what? We are here on this tiny planet and if Genesis is not partially literal then what the hell are we doing here in the first place?

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