Oh Wow...I may have found a church to go to.....

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    We tend to find that we go to a place where we feel that we can relate to the way God is being worshipped and praised
    I go to church it is my room an in my chair.. I reach over and there is my bible to read...there is my church !!!!!

    And that's why we have chocolate and vanilla.

  • Lin

    Believe me, I will definitely be "careful". I haven't figured out yet why I even want to go, other than Chuck Swindall is a great speaker. Whether or not I choose to attend regularly, semi-regularly, or at all still remains to be seen. I have always carried a "spiritual" side to me, and it's that side of me that compells me forward to learn all I can. Just yesterday I received Steve Hassan's book about Mind Control and I am reading it very carefully. I know I'm searching; I know I want to know whatever the Truth is about God, Jesus, Diety, what the future holds etc. The subject of Armageddon is a big subject I still need to research, since the JW belief/teaching on it is stuck in my head. Basically, I want to rid myself of the old JW teachings by replacing them with truth. I will never again allow myself to be dictated to or simply told what I should believe, my motto has changed to Don't Tell Me, Show Me. If the Bible doesn't specifically say this or that is clearly wrong, ie dancing.., then get off my back! If I wanna dance, by golly...I'm gonna dance!!! I'm feeling very cautious about visiting this church, it's all a matter of...I'll know what if anything I want to do about this or any church when the time comes. But, I don't think I'll ever actually become a Member of any church ever again. I'll just go when I feel like going, no pressure to "do more" within the church etc. Any pressure, and I'm outta there!

  • Mulan
    I know I'm searching; I know I want to know whatever the Truth is about God, Jesus, Diety, what the future holds etc.

    Be careful. My personal belief is that we cannot know the 'real' truth. What is true for you, is true. As to what the future holds...............just wait, and you will find out. There are so called experts everywhere, who think they have found a 'real' truth..........or the ultimate, or whatever. Remember, we were once sure that WE knew what the truth was too.

    I agree with Myself, that I will NEVER become part of an organized religion again. It makes me shudder to even think about it.

  • Tish

    Hi Lin,

    I'm where you are, come out of JayDubbs and don't know where to go. My sister is also out the JayDubbs and is due to be baptised in a Baptist Church. This leaves me feeling a bit strange, her arguement is that the spirit is when a few are gathered together and that he who takes of my blood and body the bread and wine are showing faith in me, showing a need to worship in a congregation.

    I'm as mixed up as McDonalds McFlurry but not sure which one!



  • Lin

    Yes, I can't see myself EVER actually joining or becoming an actual Member of any church. I do enjoy good speakers, that are down-to-earth and real. This Chuck Swindall is a very good speaker, and doesn't/hasn't discussed any real heavy stuff on the radio broadcast I've heard lately. And I do enjoy a good singing group. I've done some singing myself, and I've been told I'm really good, but I do enjoy some of the contemporary christian stuff. Some of it though sounds like it was written by elementary school kids. Mostly I feel like at least visiting to just explore and listen to talks/sermons about every day stuff and not so much the heavy duty subjects.

    Tish, Believe me girl.....I understand all too well the emotions involved in finding out the history and background of the Org. For me, it messed me up for several days, I was extremely depressed and cried alot. My poor Fiance' just couldn't understand since he's never had any real contact with JW's, and just can't really understand what I've been going through. He's very supportive though, he just can't fathom how deep this goes. I've been reading the NIV Bible, right now I'm reading Romans. Soon I will be going over the sections on Armageddon, just to see what the NIV Bible says about the "end times". I really feel a strong need to REPLACE my old jw beliefs with something else, that is clearly stated in the Bible. All the control and manipulation that goes on in JW's and other religions, I will have no part of.

    I don't yet know how my Fiance' will feel if I choose to begin attending this church even semi regularly, even just for the sake of meeting new people/friends. He was raised in the Methodist church, but is not at all a regular attender. He also doesn't spout off about God this or God that, you know...the Holier Than Thou crap. He definitely is one of those who doesn't believe something unless it can be proven through science. He says that "the Truth is whatever you believe is the truth". I just don't get that way of thinking. To me, there must be at least aspects of the Real Truth that we can clearly find and hold onto. I can certainly accept that we won't ever know all the truths there are, but I do feel we can find at least some of them. That's what I'm working on.

  • DJ

    Hello Lin

  • Xander

    Why do people feel the need to congregate for their religion?

    Just wondering. I mean, christians have their churches, buddhists their temples, hell, even pagans tend to form covens (although I prefer the solitary practice myself).

    I mean, I can understand the need to socialize with others, but don't you think you could find a less....hmmm....life-consuming club to join?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Congrats Lin...whatever works for you. It sounds like you have a head on your shoulders and you can think for yourself. Go explore....that's what life's about. If you like it, great...if not, go explore some more.

    I'm with you as far as those screaming preachers...gads but they're irritating. I listen to talk radio coming into work each day....the usual political stuff, but lately I've been tuning into a Christian fm station. I check in to see what they're talking about...about 80% of the time I only listen for a min or so, but the other 20% I'll stick with it because I find it interesting. If it's a 'positive' message, then that's a plus for me in getting me off to a good start that day....can't hurt.

    Double Edge from the 'different strokes for different folks' class.

  • DJ

    Hello Lin,

    I'm sorry about the above...lol I don't even know how I managed that. Anyway, I was interested in your post. I live in PA and we get Chuck Swindall here on a radio program as well. I like him too. I, just like you have been thru a lot of soul searchin and pretty much believe what you do. There is the truth out there. I found Jesus to be just that truth....literally. After many years of prayer and reading..the berean that I am, I discovered that. I asked Jesus into my life and since that time He has given me much understanding. He fed me thru scripture very slowly, like I was a baby so that I wasn't given too much at one time. So cool, because I need to slowly absorb stuff in order to process it..lol. I'm sure he'd do the same for you, if he isn't already.

    I only have one word of caution to you though, if your'e like me and it sounds like you are.......try to remember not to judge the people in the church. They cannot relate to us xjw's. We sound looney as all get out to them! I'm sure you'll find some loving, warm friends in Christ and hang onto them. They can be extremely helpful in teaching you a 'different' way of thinking. Just remeber too though that we are still here for you when/if you need us wacko's to relate to with our xdub-mentality.

    I, too attended a church and found many loving sisters in Christ, because my fleshly sisters no longer spoke to me. I even met a woman who was like a mama to me!!!! Those people were more loving to me than anyone ever was.Sadly, we moved and I haven't made that step yet in my new home. I will though. Lots of love to you, Lin. Oh, and by the way....I have a Methodist sister-in-law (married to my dubby bro) She puts up with a lot from him and does it wonderfully. Methodists and Mostly all the other denominations believe basically the same thing....Saved by Grace not by Works and that fruits flow from us as a result of our re-birth. Jesus is our mediator....etc. The worst part for me was the trinity, by far. I have even been given the food to comprehend that. UNBELIEVABLE. Be patient, sweetie. He is Faithful!!! love, dj

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I mean, I can understand the need to socialize with others, but don't you think you could find a less....hmmm....life-consuming club to join?


    I guess that depends on the person. In most churches you get out of it what you put in. Some people will go to everything that the Church offers, others will pick and choose what meets with their needs. Some will only attend occasionally and it's no big deal...they're not considered 'weak'. From what I've read on this board, I think the JW's make it a 'life-consuming club'....but not in the real world.

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