Oh Wow...I may have found a church to go to.....

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  • Lin

    I must admit... to say that I may have found a church, actually
    feels somewhat strange to say. With all the recent turmoil and pain
    I've gone through recently at learning that my doctrinal upbringing
    were lies, especially in relation to Diety, it feels a little odd for
    me to say that I've probably found a church to attend. See, I've been
    listening to a christian radio station here in Texas, and there's a
    minister by the name of Chuck Swindall who does a radio broadcast,
    and I've found myself over the last couple of months taking the long
    way home just to be able to hear his program. Having grown up with
    the Theocratic Ministry School engrained in me, I find it extremely
    irritating when I've heard ministers who don't have really good
    speaking ability. But, Chuck Swindall has captured my attention. He
    has a newly built, Non-Denominational Church, just down the road from
    me quite by coincidence. It's only a ten or fifteen minute drive from
    where I live. I have found myself torn between the whole subject of
    whether I'd ever want to attend ANYWHERE, EVER again. But, just as
    I've said recently, I honestly feel as though God is tapping me on my
    shoulder, talking to me in my ear and heart, and I can't help but
    think that He has everything to do with my determination to hear
    Chuck's programs every day on my way home from work. I simply CANNOT
    change the channel! I can't stand those churches where the minister
    is prancing around the stage, screaming at the audience, like I've
    seen in Baptist churches as an example. Chuck Swindall is very down
    to earth, mellow, low key, yet has a commanding voice and meek all at
    the same time. I've found the church online, and I plan to go this
    Sunday and check it out. I'm actually excited and anxious to go! A
    few months ago, I would have told you You are out of your friggin
    mind if you think I'm gonna go to a church ever again (except to have
    my wedding...hehehe). But, the recent things I've told you about,
    situations where I just cannot ignore that I really think God is
    trying to tell me something. Like He's tapping me on my shoulder, and
    telling me It's gonna be alright. Anyway, I just thought I'd share
    this with you.


  • pomegranate

    Well, if this fails you, you might consider this:

    1 Cor 3:16
    16 Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?

    1 Cor 6:19
    Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?

    Eph 2:22
    And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

    For me, I am my own temple (church)

  • myself

    Lin, everyone finds peace in their own way. I am happy that you are finding yours. I can't picture being a part of any organized/disorganized man made religion. Maybe it is burn out from the dubs. Let us know how this is working for you. I work in the same building as a guy who belongs to a non-denominational church and it really works for him, athough it sometimes seems that he is another fanatic.



  • DanTheMan

    Be careful. Russell, by all accounts, was a meek and intelligent man (at least in the beginning), and an excellent speaker. But he started a movement that became a Frankenstein monster.

  • Stephanus

    I've never heard much negative about Chuck Swindoll. It's good that you've found a place you like, Lin. But can you dress up like this if you want to?:

  • ozziepost


    I don't think Lin is denying the import of those texts, but there is also a desire to meet together for songs and praise with fellow believers.

    If a person does indeed find that "God's Spirit lives in you" (1 Cor 3:16), they want to sing out about it!

    Don't you find that you're constantly exulting in freedom? I'm sure you do. After a lifetime bound by the laws and regulations of the Pharisaical Borg, you'd certainly be more than happy to know true freedom.

    This is why some delight to gather together, not to "join", as we may have been used to thinking as Dubs, but to "gather". There's a difference.

    We tend to find that we go to a place where we feel that we can relate to the way God is being worshipped and praised. The styles of worship services vary a great deal, but the intent is the same.

    It seems Lin is finding that out now.

    BTW Welcome aboard, Lin! Enjoy.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • RR
    Be careful. Russell, by all accounts, was a meek and intelligent man (at least in the beginning), and an excellent speaker. But he started a movement that became a Frankenstein monster.

    Hmmmm .... like its his fault the Society became what it did. That's like saying Jesus is responsible for the Catholic Church and all it's pedophilia

  • pomegranate

    A tree can't escape it's root.

    Russell was a rotten root. The pyramid stuff is a sure fire sign of putrification. A rotten root produces a rotten tree which produces the rotten fruitage that we all now see.

    I don't thing comparing Russell to Christ is appropriate.

  • DanTheMan


    Sorry if it sounded like I was puttin' the slam on Charlie. The point I was trying to make, is that the the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And if a religion or other group that you're involved with starts to feel uncomfortable, get the hell out of it!

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    I go to church it is my room an in my chair.. I reach over and there is my bible to read...there is my church !!!!! queenie

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