QUESTION of Rave music

by FiveShadows 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • maximumflash

    If you get a good MP3 file sharing program, which I don't like but I have two teenage daughters that love music, such as Kazaa or Morpheus, which are free to download, these are equiped with a search engine. Type in anything like trance, dance, etc. and the results will be listed for you to download. Got to watch out for viruses and trojans though. But on the bright side, they are all FREE!

  • ignored_one

    I've downloaded loads of live mixes off winmx. Particularly of Carl Cox. The man is a god.

    His set at Space in Ibiza that I have completly roxxers.

    His Global cd is good, but try and get the non-US version as it only has the one disc whereas us worldwide folks got 2.

    Ignored One.

  • Xander

    they are all FREE

    Uh, yeah....

    As 'free' as this copy of photoshop sitting next to me....

  • funkyderek

    I'm going to Creamfields dance festival tomorrow. Among others, there'll be Underworld, Faithless, Yousef, Sonique, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Sasha, Johnny Moy and Lisa Lashes. Should be fantastic!!!!

  • FiveShadows

    thank you everyone!!! i'll probably go download a whole bunch of songs by those artists and burn them on a cd. I appreciate everyone's advice and input...i didn't think i was going to get any responses..but i highly appreciate it! thanks! ~FS

  • Valis

    I used to go to a lot of raves, but it burns one out..especially after huge balloons of nitrous, too much LSD, and all the other insanity. Plus way too many underagers for me.


    District Overbeer of the "trance dance" class

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