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    The following is a press release for the announcement of the silentlambs march in Brooklyn, NY in September . The press conference will be on Tuesday morning at 10:30 am with a group of about 6-10 persons from the New York area attending at the front door of 25 building. I wish to take this nationwide on Thursday of next week. If you would like to assist silentlambs we would like to have press conferences in 10 major cities across the USA next Thursday morning. I prefer the conferences to be at the main local Kingdom Halls in large cities. We ask you deliver an adapted version of the press release below as a representative of silentlambs to your local media and I will provide you with a prepared text to read at the Press Conference. At the end you deliver a stuffed lamb/lambs to the local Kingdom Hall. If you have contacts within major cities gather them together for support, if you are alone that is perfectly fine. It is the statement that is important to make. I need feedback asap to get this going. You will need to send out the locally modified version of this release on Tuesday at the latest. If you are not able to make the march, this is something YOU can do to help the silentlambs effort. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. 270-527-5350

    Sex Abuse Victims to Deliver Stuffed Animals to International Church Headquarters

    Announce Nationwide First Ever March for Jehovahs Witness Child Rape Victims

    New Support Group Seeks Investigation of Church Hierarchy

    WHAT: Carrying signs and 12 stuffed lambs to deliver as a symbol of innocence lost, adults molested as kids by Jehovahs Witnesses and advocates will deliver a formal request for a church hearing to investigate possible criminal cover-ups by the denominations governing body. They will hold a news conference and announce a national march for molestation victims scheduled later this month. WHEN: Tuesday, September 3, 10:30 am WHO: A New Jersey family who after their child was abused by a fellow church member, have now been ostracized and secretly excommunicated by the denomination and a former headquarters elder and now national leader of "silentlambs," a recently established support group for Jehovahs Witness abuse victims. Several other abuse survivors and child advocates from the New York area will attend.

    WHERE: Jehovahs Witness Watchtower headquarters, 25 Columbis Heights , Brooklyn , on sidewalk outside front door. South side of street.


    This is the first public event ever for child rape victims of Jehovahs Witnesses. The Watchtower has established a child abuse policy that has ignored abuse survivors, protected child molesters and disfellowshipped those who have tried to support them. This will be a public statement that leadership (Governing Body) must stop hurting children. Silentlambs is formally requesting the church to establish a tribunal to prosecute the governing body for their crimes against children.

    Contact:, William H. Bowen:

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  • Celia

    Hope you get lots of support Bill.

    . Silentlambs is formerly requesting the church to establish a tribunal to prosecute the governing body for their crimes against children.

    Shouldn't it be "formally" and not "formerly" ?

  • BeelzeDub

    Silentlambs is formally requesting the church to establish a tribunal to prosecute the governing body for their crimes against children.

    The average JW is a brain dead follower of the GB, looking to them as equal to Christ. Don't mean to rain on your parade but I think we will see pigs fly before this will happen.

  • silentlambs

    Service Committee/Service Department

    Dear brothers,

    I am writing to address a serious matter involving the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses. The basis of this letter is found in the scriptures at Galatians 2:11-14. In those verses it describes the occasion when Paul confronted Peter for wrongdoing. The humble reaction of Peter not only showed his repentance but his willingness to follow theocratic direction.

    It is interesting to note in a recent letter dated , this position was reiterated by the head of the Department of Public Information, J. R. Brown. Therein Brother Brown states, Our Governing Body is willing to resolve differences of opinion within the framework of the congregation and according to Scriptural principles. This is a welcome affirmation of how an organization directed by Gods spirit should operate. No one is above Gods law, even as Peter who walked with Christ did not consider himself above reproof from a fellow elder when he became involved in wrongdoing.

    Wrongdoing is a serious matter within Gods organization. By the directions we are offered, no one is above the directives offered by His organization and anyone who knows of serious wrongdoing and does not report it would in effect, share in the sin thus making them subject to a similar judgment for not reporting the matter. To provide the basis for this opinion I refer to the 1985 Watchtower where it makes this statement:

    *** w85 11/15 21-2 Do Not Share in the Sins of Others *** Elders must also be alert not to protect one another or ministerial servants if one of them has committed a serious sin that could result in disfellowshipping. They should follow the principle outlined by Paul, who wrote: Never lay your hands hastily upon any man ; neither be a sharer in the sins of others; preserve yourself chaste.1 Timothy 5:22.

    Today I write this letter as a fellow elder and Jehovahs Witness in good standing. Why do I make that statement? In December of the year 2000 I made public my decision to resign as an elder in protest of Watchtower Policy regarding how child molestation was handled in the Christian congregation. While on December 31, of that year the Circuit Overseer informed me that he accepted my resignation, yet to date, no announcement to the congregation has been made in that regard. By protocol within the organization it would appear as a result I remain an elder until that announcement is made. Please refer to the letter to All Bodies of Elders where it states:


    An announcement of deletion should be made to the congregation afteeceiving from the Society the returned S-2 form or an S-52 letter indicating that the recommendation has been approved. In such a case, the brother should be informed of his deletion before the announcement is made.

    So according to this information the deletion does not take effect until the announcement is read to the local congregation and I am informed of it being given, thus it appears that along with being a Jehovahs Witness in good standing I also remain an elder. It is true this is a loophole but you might compare it to the loophole used by Watchtower Legal to avoid reporting child molestation in 33 States. As they use their loophole to protect the image of the organization, I use my loophole to try and protect children.

    Therefore with the above thoughts in mind I as a Jehovahs Witness and fellow elder wish to make the following charges against the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses:

    1. Apostasy-The Governing body has ta action against the true worship of Jehovah and the established order among his dedicated people (Jer.17:13; 23:15; 28.15,16 ; 2 Thess. 2: 9,10) They have deliberately spread and stubbornly held to teachings contrary to Bible truth in the establishment of an organizational Policy that hurts children.

    2. Loose Conduct-The Governing Body has shown a. disregard for theocratic order in their failure to protect the flock. ( Gal. 5:19:2 Pet. 2:7; w83 3/15 p.31; w73 9115 pp, 574-6; it-2 p. 264 )

    3. Causing Divisions-The Governing Body has committed deliberate action to disrupt the unity of the congregation and undermined the confidence of the brothers in Jehovah's arrangement by their inaction on matters concerning child abuse and battered women. ( Rom. , 18; Titus 3: 10,11 )

    The actions of the Governing Body in establishing Watchtower Policy with regard to how child molestation is handled in the Christian Congregation at the direction of the Service Department, Legal Department, District Overseers, Circuit Overseers, and local elders, has bro God's law and destroyed the lives of many faithful brothers and sisters.

    Therefore I formerly request to resolve this matter within the framework of the congregation and according to Scriptural principles, by calling for a judicial committee to be convened in Brooklyn, New York on September 27, 2002 of three impartial elders who are spiritual men with no fear for standing up foighteousness, I will bring several hundred eye-witnesses who will provide extensive evidence in the form of written documentation, personal experience, and eye-witness testimony, to accuse the Governing


    Body that by their policy on child molestation they are guilty of racketeering, witness tampering, conduct unbecoming a Christian and crimes against children.

    It is my hope the judicial committee will be able to find acts of repentance commensurate with their wrongdoing committed against children. If so then Public Reproof will help the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses to know the Governing Body has become truly repentant humble men and will act in the best interests of Jehovah's Witness children. On the other hand if proper works of commensurate repentance cannot be found or if they try to minimize the wrong, the Governing Body should be disf'ellowshipped and not reinstated until they take responsibility for their actions.

    The date has been set months in advance to give the Governing Body time to make appropriate arrangements to be present as well as prepare for their defense and also to give the witnesses against them sufficient time to make travel arrangements.

    It is my optimism the Governing Body much like the Apostle Peter, will humbly address these matters in the best interests of the entire organization so as to bring God's blessing and holy spirit in full flow upon his people. I offer you ten days from the date of this letter to respond in a timely manner, along with this letter goes my warm Christian love.

    Very truly yours,

    William H. Bowen on behalf of

    Silentlambs, inc.

    cc. Governing Body

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  • abbagail

    Even if pigs never fly, it doesn't hurt to keep trying. Thinking of that reminded me of a WT article I read over two months ago. (I know I know, even though it was a WT article, the INFO was right on for going up against the WTS and its policies). Maybe this will be encouraging...

    Remember Jacob (how he, at 97 years old, was willing to grapple all night with an angel in order to get a blessing from him); and Rachel (how she put forth effort without letup to get the children she wanted so desperately); etc. She said, "With strenuous wrestlings I have wrestled with my sister. I have also come off winner!" (Genesis 30:1-8 and 35:24).

    It was about whether we give up? or keep putting forth effort KNOWING Jah will bless our efforts, i.e., KEEP FAITH and not give up, etc. The name of the article was "Earnest Effort - When is it blessed by Jehovah?" The first sentence starts out with the angel (picture WTS) saying to Jacob (picture B.Bowen), "LET ME GO, for the dawn has ascended." But Jacob replied, "I am NOT going to let you go UNTIL YOU FIRST BLESS ME." (Genesis 32:26-28). (Picture B.Bowen wrestling with the WTS.)

    The article was saying that in harmony with our prayers, we need to take DECISIVE ACTION (and it gave another example about Jacob and his brother Esau -- Genesis 32:1-32). -- So, we pray but then we can take ACTION and then Jah can BLESS THE ACTION to give us the RESULTS we are praying for. Then it said, "Like Jacob and Rachel, many today can TESTIFY that DILIGENT EFFORT is required to receive Jehovah's blessing. Their efforts are often accompanied with TEARS, DISCOURAGEMENT and FRUSTRATION."

    It continued, "Today, the pressures and difficulties we face may be just as frightening, frustraing, or even depressing (yes, especially when dealing with the WTS' policies! /Grits comment). The temptation to GIVE UP in the struggle ... Like Jacob and Rachel of old, let us cultivate the spirit of an Earnest Contender and Prevail over Satan's machinations (are not the WTS policies included in Satan's machinations???). The Devil would like nothing better than to see us resign ourselves to defeat, feeling that 'the situation is hopeless. There is nothing that can be done. It is no use.' How vital, then, for us all to guard against develping a fatalistic attitude ... Succumbing to such thoughts is self-destructive. Could it indicate that we have dropped our hands and are no longer contending until we receive a blessing? Remember, Jehovah blesses our earnest effort."

    "No matter how difficult your circumstances or how limited you may feel, do NOT give in to the 'sin that easily entangles us' i.e., - lack of faith. CONTINUE to contend UNTIL you receive a blessing. Exercise PATIENCE... Like the farmer who sows in the spring and waits for the harvest, PATIENTLY LOOK for Jehovah's blessing on YOUR spiritual activity..."

    "Stand firm, and REMAIN in the ranks of the CONTENDERS."

    The last sentence/scripture was great: "Those sowing seed with tears will reap even with a joyful cry."
    (Psalms 126:5; Galatians 6:9)


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  • silentlambs

    For those who wish to support silentlambs this is an opportunity. Local press is important to call attention to the "march" and will help build momentium for greater coverage on the 27th. It is teh work we all do now that will determine if CNN or other major media is there to cover it. If you can help please contact me asap.


  • silentlambs

    We now have press conferences lined up in the following cities:

    Portland, OR

    Los Angles, CA

    Dallas, TX

    Atlanta, GA

    Nashville, TN

    Louisville, KY

    Orlando, FL

    Brookyn, NY

    Maine ( working on location)

    Virginia (working on location)

    If you would like to support those who are setting this up please let me now and I will provide the location of the conference. We would like to have Phoenix, Chicago, Detroit, St louis, Kansas City, Seattle, San Francisco, or other major cities. If you can make yourself available, we provide the Press Release to be sent ot local media on Tuesday, 9-3-02. Then we provide the Press Conference Statement to be read on 9-5-02. The Statement announces the silentlambs march and answers any questions the press may have. All you have to do at the end is deliver one lamb to the local Kingdom Hall and answer any additional questions about the march.

    This is a fairly simple process with the most work being getting out the press release to local media on Tuesday. That generally means emailing or faxing about 2-3 newspapers and 5-7 television stations as well as radio. We wil provide full instructions on how to do that. If you want to do something and you are not able to attend the march or if you are coming the is a once in a life time opportunity for a very worthy cause. If you can assist please let me know asap.


  • silentlambs

    I forgot to mention, What about Canada? UK? Australia? Germany? Are you guys up for it? I will share the last paragraph of the press conference:

    " Victims who have been painfully conned and threatened out of their innocence by child molesters are now being conned and threatened into silence by the local representatives of the Governing Body in Kingdom Halls like this around the world. These men consistently teach their adherents that humility is the course of wisdom yet they arrogantly stick to an unwise course that punishes their most precious members. On September 27 th at 2 pm in Brooklyn , New York we begin a peaceful march at Pierpoint Place and Columbia Heights, we will end the march at the front door of Headquarters. We officially invite any who decry the abuse of children to join silentlambs in this peaceful demonstration to push for a change in policy to protect the children. Regardless for those who can attend we encourage all abuse survivors to speak out and never allow anyone to make you a silentlamb."


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  • outnfree

    While I cannot be the spokesperson for a Thursday, Sept. 5, 2002 morning press conference in Detroit, if someone from SE Michigan is willing to do that, I am willing to help get the word out to the local media on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

    Please let me know. My e-mail is open.


  • abbagail

    bttt, and I already wrote BB/SL for more info or ideas of how to help locally.

    Great news about all of the cities so far!

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