I Am Sad Today...

by Mister 8iggs 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    Double Edge...My night has been much better than my day (I stayed home from the meeting!).
    Sentinel...I would love to be your friend!
    Nikita...Now you have me jonesing for some Baskin Robbin's MCC!
    Safe4kids...I appreciate the {{{{{}}}}}. Also, never say never, my friend!
    LDH...That felt great!!! I won't be mad atcha if you give me another one. LOL!
    Cassiline...Thanks! And I'm digging your profile picture. Too bad I don't smoke dope because I would be fixed on that thing all night!
    Beck_Mel...Thanks for the hug AND the slap! Did you know that the girls gave my butt a nickname in high school? E-mail me if you'd like to know what it was. ;o)
    flower...We need to talk more, and what state are you moving to???
    Joy...Like DeBarge sang, "Time will reveal". I hope you're right. Thanks (as always).
    Truly, Brian

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