Hudson Valley NY

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  • DebraDoll

    15 mins west of Woodstock (the TOWN everybody, NOT the concert site!) near the Ashokan Reservoir-25 mins from New Paltz

  • hyperpen

    I used to live in Kingston 1972-1977 now in Orange County. Was in Bethel 1985-1986.



    My late wife and I attended the Shokan Congo in the early Nineties. I am Sean Kennedy's dad. I am now back in Shokan / Boiseville, but completely unconnected with all my old JW associates, with the exception of a couple of faders living over in Shady. Used to hang with the Parilla and Schmecko families mostly. If you remember my wife Sharon and I, would like to make contact. While I understand perfectly why some prefer to remain anonymous, I am totally open about who I am and that I have not been associated with Jehovah's Witlesses for seven years now. I couldn't possibly care less what anyone thinks about it.

    My email, if you'd care to contact me is: [email protected].

  • DebraDoll

    If anyone is still out there I would love to connect! I am also in Poughkeepsie 3 days a week at school. There are never enough folks to hold a Meet Up-can we change that soon?!?!?

  • MrMoe

    no no, it has to be in WESTERN New York

  • Soledad

    I lived most of my life in southern Westchester County, about 1-2 hours away from you

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    I'm in Chester Ny about 60 miles from city and 10 minutes away from Middletown. I get Farm Brothers knocking on my door almost every weekend. In fact, one knocked on my door who I served with in Bethel in 1987-1988. He's a big shot Elder now and married. I guess no more cuffing his carrot for manmilk anymore! One day he came to visit while I was BBqing meat and drinking cold Coors lite's. Being nasty I offered him one and I swear to you he almost did! It was hot and his mouth was a watering for that cold Coors!

    I wish he did. Did Paul say anything about drinking with disfellowshipped people or just not even eating with them?

  • MikeMusto

    im a fashiionista who can regularly be seen on VH1- i love ny can my bike

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