Wearing a suit, what a feeling!

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  • Tish

    Wot about this then....

    My sis's best friend both still dubs but not if ya know what I mean, came home from university, she is a very tall girl 6ft and every skirt is short on her legs. Well her dad is applying to be reinstated again... and because she went to the first meeting in a bout a year in a trouser suit (as she had had counsel about wearing short skirts) her dad was not allowed to be reinstated as if he was really sorry about his course of action he would make his 22 year old daughter wear a skirt!!!!!!!!!

    Hello???????? Whose the judge????

  • Simon

    My job is shirt and tie ... except I just wear T-Shirts now. No one bothers.

    (incidentally, unless they enforce a dress code for women I don't think they are allowed to enforce it for men)

    I hate putting a suit on - too uncomfortable and 'dubbish'.

    There is a really nice restaurant that we go to for our anniversary each year (takes me a year to save up, lol) which has a very strict dress code but for that I make an exception:


  • Jourles

    Hey Quotes, I sure hope that BMW of yours is a two door if you're aiming for that "I'm not a jw - can't you tell by my car" look. Depending on which part of the country you are in, some dubs drive pretty fancy cars, but in most cases, they are all four door models. Gotta have that theocratic car for service!

    Me wearing a suit? Certainly not for work, HA HA HA! Jeans, shorts, t-shirt, whatever. I do not interface with the general public and my only customers are internal ones to the company. It's not like they care either. The Dockers look is for the sales reps, not the engineers.

  • Beans

    I think I need some non-theocratic counselling Dr Lara! Yes Wild Turkey the THONG thing is what I now believe to be the ultimate solution. Hey imagine if that caught on in the dub world service could get interesting not only for the brothers and sisters, the householders!

    Ah my brother Quotes, a great list!!!


    Canadian Overbeer

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