Wearing a suit, what a feeling!

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  • Beans

    I don`t know about anyone else but evertime I get in a suit still after 16 years I feel like I am going to a meeting or going in service. I get these eary wierd feelings like someone is controlling what I am wearing or if it is appropriate.

    I think I need some Apostate Therapy


    Canadian Overbeer


  • SPAZnik

    I feel the same way about wearing a long skirt.
    It's a rare event these dayz, i avoid it as much as possible, but when it happens it makes me feel ICKY. Tuff to 'splain that kreepy feeling. Thx Beans, I feel so understood! *laff*


  • SPAZnik

    Oh, and re: Apostate Therapy....

    just don't get any on yer suit, eh.

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  • butalbee
    I think I need some Apostate Therapy

    I'm here for ya hunny!! Just tell me how Dr. Lara can be of service.

  • WildTurkey

    Hey bean, try wearing a thong under you suit, I believe that will stop that feeling of going out in service

  • Quotes

    I know the feeling. I used to have to wear suits for work, and so the feeling of "going to a meeting" faded and I thought of it as "going to a client".

    Then things got more casual, and the suit wearing reduced greatly.

    Now I only feel stupid if I have to wear a suit on a Saturday, and I feel like everyone is looking at me thinking "Hey look a door-knocking JW out to bother people in their own homes" so I try and make sure I don't have any other markers which might incorrectly indicate I'm door knocking. Here is what I do:

    1. Don't carry a briefcase, it looks too much like a book bag
    2. Don't shave, go for that Don Johnson/Brad Pitt look (well, one can try for that look)
    3. Where nice new suits with designer labels (only 5% of dubs will be at this level)
    4. Keep my beautiful never-been-a-Dub wife nearby with her killer looks and her un-Dub painted-on Versace pants
    5. Drive in my 2001 BMW 325i (no Dub could have such a show display of one's means of life)... at high rates of speed... which brings us to:
    6. Walk fast and efficiently with determination to where ever I'm going... if you are not doing the Service-Dub-Dawdle, you won't be mistaken for one!
    7. Smile.. because I want to smile! Because I am ssssooooooo happy for everything on this list: no Dub can be as happy as I am!
  • Truth2Me

    LOL! Hummm interesting suggestion....while that may work for the guys...that wouldn't work for me.. Maybe it's different in other places....but it was normal for the sisters in my home Cong. to dress VERY formally. I started wearing thongs at the encouragement of another, older (forties) sister....to hide pantie lines from standing out. I should have known something was "unusual" when my relatives (non-JW's) would make comments like "it looks like you going out for a night on the town" when they'd see what I was wearing for a meeting. Now, I've always been very self conscience, and I've dressed conservatively...but when I look at my closet now, and see tons of dresses that are only fit for going to weddings, I wonder how I never thought it was strange during my Witless days. I also remember that the most conservative sister in the whole Cong. told me that it was okay to dress very sexy at JW weddings because that was the only time we got the chance too (?) I found that odd reasoning. I noticed that at District Conventions, it looked like some of the sisters came in prom dresses...and some of them looked rediculous!

    I hope some day I will get to where those nice dresses again, without having to go to a meeting or convention to do so. Funny that I was introduced to thongs while a JW.....lol....well that's one good thing I learned from it...heehee =)


  • Truth2Me

    Okay....now I've got this playing through my head....

    "It brings back that Ser-vice feeling"

    "Oh, it brings back that Ser-vice feeling"

    "It brings back that Ser-vice feeling"

    "but it go on...., no I won't hold on," "whoaoo-oo-oo-o"

    heehee =)


  • Lin

    Boy, do I understand this post. Fortunately for me, I have to wear Scrubs for my job. I avoid wearing dresses/skirts if at all possible. Whenever I do need to wear a dress or skirt, I get that ol icky feeling of getting ready for a meeting, eeeeuuuuwwww. But if I'm going to a church or something, usually I just wear nice slacks and blouse. Now, THAT doesn't make me feel like I'm getting ready for a meeting! Yeeesh, I remember back in the 70's when the Elders got all over my dad's case because my mother wore a Pantsuit to the meeting!

  • hippikon

    In my line of work I'm expected to wear a suit - Not Me - Jeans and t-shirt and to hell with what anybody thinks - I wore a suit 7 days a week for nearly 20 years - My work stands on its merits not my appearance. (anyway Jeans and t-shirt gives me a certain Guru status in my industry and breaks down some of the barriers)

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