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  • think41self

    Ginny girl! How great to see you.

    I know what you mean about letting online things take too much of your time and energy, have been drawing back alot myself.

    Are the sailing lessons as fun as you thought they'd be? I took them a couple years ago and it was a blast. Haven't been back out in a while now.

    Anyway, glad you're doing better and life is looking good. Let us hear from you again soon, ok?


  • hillary_step


    A powerful and very useful post, as ever. It is posts such as this one that makes on-line obsession a

    There is a world, a vacuum between which it is easy to get caught. This is the world between the WTS and the real life outside. Prisoners must feel a similar fear when they leave prison after a long stay, some can integrate back into society more quickly than others, some may take longer, some can never think outside the confines of their prison. Many repeat offenders it is said, do so with a subconscious desire to be inducted back into the prison system with which they have a love-hate relationship, but which offers them the strict boundaries that they cannot function without. Perhaps there is a little of this at play in many of us.

    You have shown what can be done Ginny, break-out that is! I see that you are involved in charitable work. This has made up a part of my working week for a few years now even when I was a JW and I can recommend it greatly, as I am sure that you do, as a useful component that can help heal the passage from WTS package to the wild blue yonder.

    I think that your post should be on a thread of its own, but then that would be tempting you back into screen Who can forget your marathon posts with TJ, they are now part of XJW


    Many of the wars on discussion boards, when broken down to their lowest demonimator show that despite the lack of logic, despite the lack of facts, despite the lack of any credibility in an argument, the arguer must be RIGHT. And when that is proven to be impossible, arguers start attacking others. Dubs do it all the time. It's a way-of-life for them.

    I could not agree more. I find myself on occasion fighting my corner over an argument on-line that in real-life I would dismiss as not even worth the effort. No person ever really wins a point by arguing and often healthy debate does not seem to be possible when WTS issues are discussed.


    For what it is worth, I always read your posts with interest and admire your common-sense attitude to life and XJW matters. As for your handle, 'Wasasister', what will it become?

    Kindest regards - HS

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  • Englishman

    Nice to hear from you at last, Ginny T.

    So how about you being a guest of honour at next years barbie, I can guarantee there will be lots of young and handsome fella's around, who will be agog to meet you.



  • ozziepost

    Big welcome home to Ginny from downunder.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • GinnyTosken

    Please forgive me for being so slow to check back in on this thread. We worked long hours at the marina around Labor Day weekend to make sure plenty of beer was in stock, my car has been in the shop, my son started middle school last Tuesday, and a catfight has been brewing between me and a female coworker.

    The potential catfight centers around, of all things, Sail for the Cure. My coworker, whom I will call "Ms. M," will be crew on a different boat and is not pleased that I will also be participating in the event. I try to be compassionate. She's had a difficult life, and I am guessing that her self-esteem is very low. To feel better about herself, she mainly resorts to putting other people down.

    I thought of her when I recently read this tidbit about the power of compliments:

    Most of our men come from environments with varying degrees of positive reinforcement. A man who grew up with very few compliments will need double the dose, and anyone who brags, boasts, or stretches the truth needs three times the praise that an ordinary person does. Remember this rule:

    The more I like myself, the less I have to impress or convince you how great I am. The less I like myself, the more I have to convince people how wonderful I am. The degree to which I either like or dislike myself has a great deal to do with how much or how little praise I received as a child.

    Despite a clear explanation in the Sail for the Cure brochure that this event is about teamwork and cooperation, Ms. M is quick to tell anyone within earshot that she will be in a race on September 21, as though she is a seasoned yacht racer only waiting for the next America's cup. She also wants very much to win a prize for collecting the most donations.

    After asking permission of the marina owner, on Tuesday I put a can for donations on the counter of the marina store. Since my car was in the shop, I rode into work with my sister's boyfriend and arrived much earlier than usual. When Ms. M arrived, she gave me a very hateful look and asked, "What are you doing here?"

    I thought to myself, "Good bloody morning to you, too." Then she removed my donation can from the counter. I was quietly firm: "[The owner] said I could put the can on the counter."

    Hand on hip, she countered, "I don't agree. And I don't think it's fair. We've asked people all over this marina for donations. I guess I'll have to make my own can."

    I was completely puzzled. If Ms. M has already scoured the marina for donations, why should she care if I collect small change? And since all of the money goes to charity, what does it matter?

    My compassion for Ms. M is running thin these days, so even if you don't send a donation, how about just sending an envelope with a blank sheet of paper to the Krazy Bull Krew at Rocky Pointe marina? Ms. M fetches the mail, you see.


    Hi, Ginny. I've missed you.

    Yes, you have, Teejay, but I'm sure your aim will improve with practice.


    JWs must be RIGHT. Any any cost. . . . the arguer must be RIGHT.

    You're right, of course.


    GINNY is it really you???? *pinches, get's bitchslapped* yup it's you!!!

    Why don't you come back to Portland, Venice? We can work on teamwork and cooperation and gang up on this nasty Ms. M. She'll certainly be no match for our (ahem) collective assets.


    Welcome back. When are you going to show us your boobies?

    If I manage to collect more donations than Ms. M, a picture of Lefty and Tiny au naturel might be arranged.


    Thanks for the welcome!


    Are the sailing lessons as fun as you thought they'd be?

    I very much enjoyed watching my son's lesson. As for my own, as fate would have it, the instructor teamed me up with Ms. M, and our sailing relationship closely resembled our working one.


    So how about you being a guest of honour at next years barbie,

    It would be my pleasure. Do you suppose we could have a "No Nookies in Nero's" theme for the barbie and all dress in our disco outfits from 1975? I'm dying to see you in an aubergine suede jacket.


    Thanks to you, too, for a warm welcome.

  • wasasister

    BTTT, check is in the mail.

    I can testify that this is a good organization, doing many valuable things for breast cancer patients, survivors, and their families. They have a comparatively high percentage of funds going to the cause, with fairly low administrative costs. I've been in two "Race for the Cure" events, and I know Mulan and Princess were at last year's Seattle event.

    So, for all you guys who keep talking about how much you love breasts, how about putting your money where your mouths (and hands) are?

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