Only JW's Honest - Perpetuating the Stereotype

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  • NeonMadman

    The back cover of the August 15 Watchtower offers another example of mind control, reinforcing the concept that there are no honest people except for Jehovah's Witnesses, and that there is no crime within the organization ("If all people were Jehovah's Witnesses, who would commit crimes?"):

    Don't it make you wanna hurl?

  • Gopher

    (1) If the officers weren't "desperately" searching for the money, would the temptation have been greater to keep it? We don't know, but it's odd that the story includes this fact. The JW ought to have returned the money, whether or not someone was present in front of her showing desperation.

    (2) How does this person know that she wouldn't have returned the money if she weren't a JW?

    (3) Most condemning of all, she accepted a reward of 20 lari, nearly 7% of the lost sum. Isn't honesty supposed to be its own reward? Isn't a good conscience enough, or do rewards need to be given out to ensure the return of lost money?

    Just wondering.

    There are (in my estimation) many non-JW's who couldn't sleep well if they kept a large sum that morally belonged to someone else.

  • Stephanus

    Is she really a Dub, or one of the Georgian breakaways? Have they hijacked her, the way they hijacked the German Bible Students in concentration camps?

  • Kaethra

    Well, I'm certain that the Tower will give her at least 300 lari for this promotional piece. Afterall, they care SO much for widows and orphans. (especially those who have been beaten and persecuted for obeying their stupid rules)


    Hmmmm....perhaps this was God's way of making it up to her. " got it all wrong. You're brainwashed. But, you're sincere and I know you deserve some help. Here's 300 lari........wait....what are you DOING?! You imbecilic dub! You're taking it to the POLICE??!!!........I swear Jesus, if I have to deal with these $%&*ing jws for another thousand years.....#@$%^^*!"

  • Gopher

    Even non JW's have problems keeping money that isn't theirs.

    I remember reading that the American IRS (Internal Revenue Service), that is - the tax collection agency, they have a "conscience fund" where people who have cheated the IRS previously can donate their wrongfully kept money. I believe they can do so anonymously.

    Is it only JW's who donate to the conscience fund? Don't make me laugh.

  • metatron

    If only JW's were around, crimes would still be committed - like obstruction of justice,
    molesting children, fraud, and perjury - and , yes, theft - just more carefully

    I once lost my wallet on a trip to Salt Lake City. It was returned by Mormons.

    Deceptive articles like this one well illustrate what Jesus said about hypocrisy

    "do not blow a trumpet ahead of you...."


  • detective


    It's one thing for Nana to be so stupid as to think that only witnesses are honest but it's quite another for the organization to publish such foolishness. It's such an assinine thing to print that I'd imagine it would only be a turn off to householders. In case they haven't figured it out, offending potential converts isn't a wise way to fatten the ranks!

    I do hope Nana quickly turned around and donated that 20 Lari to help in the worldwide preaching work!

  • jack2

    Though this is the first thread (to my knowledge) in which the article was scanned, this matter was discussed a while back, and like metatron, the words of Jesus came to my mind to. Blowing the trumpet indeed. Also, around the same time as the Awake article came out, we had a guy in a nearby city who, according to the local newspaper, turned in $700 that he found. No mention was made of his religion or anything like that. Just a guy who did good because it was the right thing to do.

    Also, the woman in the article said that if she were not a jw, she would not have returned the money. Thus, she confesses that on her own, without their religous guidance, she's not an honest person. But there are many, many honest people out there who do not need a religion to tell them right from wrong in such situations.

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    "Oh, how I need money!"

    Hmmm...Now that the "Mother Organization" knows that one of their own is strapped for cash, will they do anything about it?

    Also, the Republic of Georgia is the place where JWs (and other non-Orthodox Christians) are getting beaten regularly. Could it be a Public Relations stunt by the WTS to show the people of the RofG that they shouldn't beat on the JWs? In other words, basically the WTS is trying hard to show "how good JWs are even though you all are kicking our butt!"

  • Wolfgirl

    I'm sure we all know exactly how honest many JWs are...from personal experience. My dad the elder lied for 20+ years about sexually abusing me. Good example of honesty.

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