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  • freedom96

    I was laughing at the thread talking about the blue smurfs, how demonic they were. :) It made me remember other stupid phobias the witnesses had, and how easy rumours were to spead around. One for instance, was the false rumour about Proctor and Gamble, and how their business emblem/ picture/ whatever you call it was demonic, and how it was the sign of the devil, and to stay away from anything to do with that company. The symbol if memory serves me correct was a moon with stars near it.It was quite prevelent for a while. Funny thing was, that as I grew older, I moved into a new congregation. You'll never believe the igorance of people who just don't get the facts before they start speculating. Turns out ... get this..... the owner / majority shareholder of Proctor and Gamble was a witness!! She attended our hall!! I wish I could go back to all those people and tell them!

  • sunshineToo


    Years ago there was a brother who was a medical committee in my hall. He told me and others about their meeting with judges and doctors. He said the committee had a brother who had been working for Proctor and Gamble for over 20 years, and he told me how much the judges and the doctors were impressed and the jws were proud of that.

    Sheesh, they didn't want anyone to get higher education, and now they are proud of the ones who achieved highly in the world.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    However there are real spying and harassment.

  • glitter

    There's a cheap gift/clearence shop near us and a rumor went around the hall that the man who owned it is a satanist and that we shouldn't buy things from there in case they're posessed!!!

  • devils_chiefadvocate

    Oh I do believe I have a good one here

    They gave a talk at our hall one year and said that u have to be careful about eating thinks with Lithenin( Hope thats spelled right,Its a thicking agent for chocolate) used in itLike Chocolate Milk and Chocolate .My Mom was so paranoid she wouldnt let us drink milk or eat chocolate till she either called that company or received a reply from them in the mail..Only good thing out of it is one company sent a whole load of samples back

    It is another case of the amazing influence these psychos have over people..Dont go to any yard sales that stuff could be possessed.


  • DJ

    Hey Chief,

    Do you mean lecithin?? I hope not......it is found in chocolate as well as plenty of other foods. It is an emulsifier! It is found in the lining of every human cell and performs numerous roles in maintaing good health. It is also in ice cream and margarine, Pam cooking spray, ETC............. It is also in soybeans...BOO!!! love,dj

  • out4good3

    I think that ingredient you speak of is called lethicin.

    I remember the Proctor and Gamble fiasco also. My mother-in-law threw out everything that had a proctor and gamble logo on it. Probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen. All of this was discusssed on the alt.religion.jehovahs-witness newsgroup. I post over there as Yeah-Right.

  • DJ

    Hi......me again.....Does anyone know if these fears are documented in wt literature or rumours?? dj

  • devils_chiefadvocate

    That would be the word...and woulda helped if told why they said shouldnt use it...they said that it was made from blood..and we should only eat the non blood type of course...

    Oh and yea we got rid of all procter and gamble products..

    Atleast everyone knows I cant spell now....lol

  • orangefatcat

    I remember when I lived in Montreal, everyone went around and said a brand of wieners called Hygrade had blood in them. I knew they didn't, but everyone still insisted that they did. So I called their headquarters and spoke with them and I asked them if they would be kind enough to send me a letter telling me about the products in their wieners. Then I said is there any blood in any of your meats and the man said no way. I asked kindly if he would include that information in the letter to me he said certainly. Well a few days later I recieved my letter from the Hygrade company and there in black and white, it said plainly that none of their meats contained any kind of blood in any form. So I could hardly wait to hear the next person to say something to me when they seen me buying Hygrade products or just in conversation. I would whip out my letter and volia there they could read for themselves how stupid they were. Next thing you knew everyone in the KH heard about my letter and wanted to see it for themselves. And with a big glee in my heart I said all it took was a little research into the company. I said instead of listening to rumours.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it is that if someone in a postion in the hall says something JWs take it as being a fact instead of looking into the situation themselves, like the P&G product symbol, and the Chocolate Milk and the Peanut Butter regarding lecithin. That is the problem with them they are so brain washed and they are never going to change so long as they are willing to listen to rumours.

    In all the years I was in the organization I don't ever remember reading anything about any of the above information. I could be wrong. Does anyone remember anything being published about the above symbols and food products. I know that they have written about meat by products and in some instances that can contain blood.

    Just watch out for the SMURF's they may be inbetween the pages of the watchtower hidden in a pictures.

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