Looking Back In Retrospect To 1975...

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  • Splash

    I think you're being too hard on the GB.

    I'm still awaiting 1975 to happen, and when it does you will all be sorry.

  • Finkelstein

    I dont recall anything particular other that the WTS. was pushing 1975 for years before and many JWS were preparing or adjusting their lives around that year.. ie. teens dropping out of schools, marriages been put off, children not been born, long term careers not even considered.

    The WTS under F Franz the leading bible theologian for the WTS. and Nathan Knorr the president of the WTS at the time pulled off the organization's biggest lying con job in their stated positions. Why ?

    Because the 6000 year dating scheme/calculation was once used previously by the WTS. head C T Russell 60 years previously. The majority of JWS , includcing myself didn't know of this , its an incapable calculation anyways using the bible itself or other archaeological findings.

    Just good fear inducing bullshit the WTS came up with to draw attention to its literature and wrap around a pretentious " Truth " because they used the bible.

  • Vidiot

    You guys have got it all wrong.

    JWs believed in the 1975 thing because it was the f**king 70s...

    ...disco, man. * shudder *


  • snugglebunny

    Forget armageddon. In 1975, this was what was really scaring the pants off everyone:


  • Lightgrowsbrighter

    I was young kid in '75, but remember it clearly. My parents dropped everything in '74 and pioneered. We had also moved 'where the need was great' in the early 1970's. Of course, my dad had to go back to work when 'the end' didn't come because he ran out of money. To this day, my parents claim they didn't pioneer because they thought it was going to wrap up in '75, only because their hearts motivated them. They did pioneer again in the 1990's, and now in their early 70's take advantage of the 'wonderful arrangement' to pioneer with only something like 20 or 30 hours a month (not sure about the details on that one...). The cognitive dissonance that I see blows my mind.

    On another note, many younger JW's that weren't around in 1975 don't believe what a big deal it really was in the org. If this was any other religion with a similar false prediction, JW's would be all over it, telling everyone that this proves that God could not behind that organization. But with JW's, just more 'new light'. Wow.

  • titch

    Thanks for the replies so far, everyone. And, yes, snugglebunny, that movie, Jaws, WAS scaring everyone half to death! Another thing that I thought of is the idea that supposedly, whenever the nations collectively were saying "peace and security", that was supposed to somehow, "trigger" the end. But, yeah, the resignation of Richard Nixon was supposed to have SOME significance. The end of the Vietnam War was supposed to have SOME significance. With events such as that happening, the "end" was imminent! Myself, personally, although I never divulged my thoughts to anyone is, Well, maybe 1975 will bring the end, maybe it won't, who really knows? Of course, one must remember that there was the thought that the first 6,000-year "creative day" didn't end UNTIL the supposed "first woman" was brought into existence. Whenever THAT happened, would bring the 6th creative day to its end. And, the thought was that was that it was only a year, maybe 2 years. So, 1977 or 1978 would be the end of the 6th day. Well, let's see now, its been about 40 years since then. So, Adam was alone in the so-called "Garden" for over 40 years??? Really? Hmmmm. It was probably a good thing for him. If he had only known, during that 40 years, what that woman would do...(sigh)...


  • Finkelstein

    Reflectively it becomes even more laughable that Franz professed that the 6000 years would end in October of 1975.

    Just to make the date more viable.

    Yes the ancients cataloged their births and deaths right to the day didn't they ?

    The WTS has in its long history made false misleading information and most of that was instituted to proliferate the organization's literature to the public. ..... that is an undeniable truth.

    It would appear that since they exploited the bible as a source, this to them made their proclamation truthful and real to the public and some as its known fell for it completely.

    Tricky and devious charlatans is what they really were.

  • BluesBrother

    Abortion in the USAThree day week and power cuts due to a strike by coal miners ( UK)Hippies , bell bottomed trousers , long haired men ( I ask you! ) David bowie an icon as Ziggie StardustWomens Lib....Feminism was challenging the natural order of things....The world surely could not survive much longer, could it??
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    The first Gay pride parade in 1969. Surely Jehovah will not stand for that.
  • snugglebunny
    oops..I almost forgot. My eldest son, now in his 40th year, was born in 1975. I was well out by then. My parents shook their heads sadly at my foolishness in starting a family in that supposedly momentous year.

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