JWs blame everything on demons...

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  • ChuckD

    I would think that the society's own publications (in this case, the tract) should carry some sort of inherent demon-proofing. Otherwise, couldn't a "dangerous mind" working at the post office somehow demonize the materials while in transit to the Kingdom hall? Perhaps they spray the materials with Demon-B-Gone (tm) when they arrive in the mail.

    Seriously though, the very fact that anyone could POSSIBLY reationalize these (or any such) events to "demons" is so outlandish that it makes me cringe to think that I was ever associated with such an irrational group of people. Her experience is not something that others in the group would think about rationally. They would simply accept the "fact" that her kids were bad, that demons caused it, and that these demons were somehow attached to a piece of paper. It is certainly a good thing that the demons didn't crawl out of the paper and into the dashboard of her car, or she may have been forced to burn that as well just to be sure.


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  • heathen

    I can't believe I missed this one lol . ---- Update on the distribution of literature is that the WT has bypassed the post office by having all literature delivered by official WT personel .I guess the demon problem just got too far out of hand . I wonder if they made it WT law that all returned literature be disposed of ? This is so friggen WT like .


    Well, I figure. . .

    ALL JW literature is demonized! That is why only jws have trouble with demons!. . .sounds reasonable to me. . .


  • target

    I agree with ESTEE! LOL!

    I know I feel a hell of a lot better since I stopped bringing all that literature into the house!


  • starfish422

    LMAO I remember when I was younger, hearing a story of a little person (maybe 3 or 4 years old) who brought their favourite Smurf with them to the KH, and the Smurf got up and walked out??!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* We used to believe this stuff. Gosh.

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