JWs blame everything on demons...

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  • Pronger

    I cannot believe how credulous many JWs are regarding the religions near obsession with supernatural beings. Apparently young kids misbehaving is a result of demons.

    What irritates me the most is that this woman was more concerned with an alleged person with a "dangerous mind" placing the tract she left back on the car, than the fact that she left two children alone in a parked car. This is the epitome of a warped brain.


    I was out in service one day, by myself and my four kids. We were working some new territory and I was still somewhat new to the whole work... I came to a trailer that had "No soliciting". I left two kids in the car and had two with me and I thought out loud to one of them: "We're not trying to sell something, but I'm still not sure if we're supposed to knock or not..." I decided to leave a tract and ask someone later (it was a three time territory so I could go back to it soon).
    That was the last house on the street, so I drove to the next street to work the last 5 houses. The one street was up a somewhat steep hill from the other street and it was more than a few strides from one to the other... Again, I left two kids in the car while I got the houses.
    When I got to the last house I FROZE. I was overcome by an INTENSE drive to get back to the car. I could still see the car but I was uncomfortable with having left them alone, and they were parked in front of a Real estate business, so no people was out milling around or anything.
    So, I wrote it off to being worried for having left them alone...
    I got back to the car, opened the door, sat down and yelled to the two kids to get off the floorboards where they were playing and get their belts on... As I was about to back out and drive away I saw, RIGHT in FRONT of me was that tract that I had left at that trailer.
    The kids saw no one and heard no one... The person had to have watched where we went and then walk up the hill and just to give me back the tract.

    I SMILED from ear to ear. I was so happy that someone had been so considerate to bring me back the tract instead of throwing it away
    jerry later told me to throw the tract away because the person has a dangerous mind to have done something like that, but I wrote it off to him being overly protective. I didn't throw the tract away... I kept invisioning a little old lady walking up the hill on her cane just to return the tract, all the while hoping I'd know to bring her a different one seeing how she already had the one I left. (And I think I have no imagination any more
    Then everything bad started happening. The kids were horrendous. even the two "good ones" *G* And I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what the kids' problems were 'cause it was SO unlike them. And then my mind went back to the tract. We were visiting my granny that day and she had me do an errand-- while out I tore that tract into pieces and threw them away at Wal-mart
    Whether anything had to do with anything doesn't really concern me-- but it was definitely a learning experience to say the least! I no longer work territory alone with all four; I no longer question my hubby when he says do something (well, usually

  • truthseeker1

    Well thats proof enough for me. Kids acting up, must be demons.

  • RandomTask

    This is complete madness. This mentality was definitely on my list of why I left. I sometimes felt like the only sane person in the asylum when I went to the KH.

    Maybe she should have just said Jehovah 3 times and the demons would run off cowering.

    How about this, if your kids are acting up, a good spanking and/or time out in the corner might work, but I guess she got rid of the problem by getting rid of the tract. Probably treats all bad behavior by her kids this way. Kids act up, instead of send them to their room, get rid of that crystal vase that weird aunt betty gave you. Gee do you think that her kids are only "bad" when she has a reason to believe they would be? I bet they will be the kind of JW kids that just go off when they are teens while mommy still thinks they are perfect.

    If my kids are possesed by demons, I want the whole show, you know: speaking in tounges, head spinning, making people disappear, etc... "acting up" seems like such a jip to me!

  • glitter

    I'd be acting up too if I was a kid who'd been stuck in a car all day bored out of my mind.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    My son threw a tantrum because I didn't buy him the latest Bionicle. Up till now I thought the problem was he's been getting too many toys. Thank God for the faithful and discreet slave! Now I know my son is possessed by demons . . .

  • expatbrit

    Ah, thanks goodness one of the friends pointed out the cause of this woman's problems:

    Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the reasoning book, assuming you handed it to a Wiccan as part of your preaching. I am certain that the ordinary business of the ministry, the execution of a direct command from Jehovah, cannot expose us to demon harassment. (Note that the trouble with the tract started after you ignored your husband's instructions to throw it away.)

    That's right you brainless women. Ignore the man's commands and the demons will get you!


  • expatbrit

    Double post.

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  • minimus

    that's sooo stupid

  • dsgal

    I left a tract at a door where no one answered and the guy actually came down the street looking for me to give it back to me .He also did a lot of ranting and raving and threatened he would call the police if I ever put anything like that on his door again.If he only knew I didn't really want to go in service anyway.I'm so glad I don't have to bother people and be humiliated anymore.

  • COMF
    He also did a lot of ranting and raving and threatened he would call the police if I ever put anything like that on his door again.

    Now, what would be cool would be to be having a really, really bad day and have some guy come get in my face like that, and me ask him to back off and him not do it, and so I just beat the mortal shit out of him for a couple of minutes and leave him lying in a quietly moaning heap on the ground.

    beat the mortal shit out of him
    That's as opposed to the immortal shit, you understand.

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