Any (original) Star Trek Fans?

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  • ugg

    absolutely love the original star trek series....still watch it on sci fi at 5pm...every night!!!!! "good stuff!!"

  • Hmmm

    Incidentally, television's first interracial kiss was on Star Trek.

    In one episode (don't remember the name, and wouldn't admit it if I did) their bodies were being controlled by some dudes dressed like Greek Gods. Kirk smooched with Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). It might have been a tiny copout to have them do it under outside control, but it was still a pretty steamy kiss.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I blush to admit it but I have gone to a Star Trek Convention (and no I didn't dress up for it but a lot of other people did)

    I love all the shows. Each is different but unique for all the reason mentioned above

    And I still have my Star Trek t-shirt and my Communicator lapel pin

  • jack2

    Wassa, yes, I remember that episode well. I became a fan while the series ran in syndication. I enjoy all the Star Trek series.

    Yes, it was interesting - Kirk the wimp and Kirk the animal. An interesting commentary on how various traits and parts of our personality combine to make us 'whole', and how we are incomplete without such seemingly contradictory parts of ourselves left intact.

    I was at a local ST convention a few years back with my daughter, who enjoyed Trek alot until she got into her mid teens. We saw John DeLancie ("Q") and Walter Koenig ("Chekov"). We did not dress up. I'm a fan, but I'm not a nut .

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Now that was the point I was trying to make

    In the Borg we had to repress a part ourselves at the expense of being whole. Star shows us the price for obeying 'mother'

  • wasasister

    Huh, no skid marks....amazing.

    I guess I was thinking about the ending, where both the good and the evil Kirk had to get back together to survive. Interestingly, Good Kirk understood how he needed his other side, while Evil Kirk would only rant and lash out and even Spock couldn't reason with him. (Spock looked a little bit like seven006.) Evil Kirk had to be locked up to keep him from hurting himself or other people, but this only made him madder.

    (The little known fact is, recently they found some archived footage which was edited out of that episode. Yoman Rand decides even though Evil Kirk is kind of attractive in a dangerous way, she realizes she doesn't like either exreme and ends up sneaking off to Ohura's quarters. That went way beyond what the conservative censors would allow back then. I kind of think it would have been interesting.)

    TeeJay may be right. The Roddenberry moral lessons are too simple to be relavant today.

    Glad to know there are still fans out there.

    All Good Wasa

  • Englishman

    Hey Wasa, can you remember who made the spoof record, Star trekkin?

    There's Klingons on the starboard bow.....


  • Mary

    Yep, we used to watch all the original Star Treks when we were kids...........even (gasp!) missed alot of meetings to watch them as there were no VCRs back then.

    Favorite one was "City on the Edge of Forever" with Joan Collins playing the part of Edith Keeler.

    One thing about the original Star Trek, is how many things on the show, that were inconceivable at that time, have now come to pass.

    For example: on the main bridge you had a black woman, Lt. Uhura in a very prominant position; something unheard of in the 1960s. Plus you had a Russian and a Japanese on the main bridge. Seeing as the series was made during the Cold War, it would have been really a stretch of the imagination to have anyone other than a WASP male on the main bridge. To me, this showed Gene Roddenberry's brilliance and imagination at its best.

    Then you've got the communicators - they work very much on the same premise as our cell phones. And has anyone ever noticed the screen that Kirk used to communicate with StarFleet? They look exactly like the flat screens we have today on our computers.

    What's really amazing, is that scientists today have successfully "transported" one foton particle from one place to another in the same room (this was in the newspapers a few months ago). Although we still have a long way to go before we can ever consider "beaming" someone up, it's incredible how far we've actually come in the last 40 years.

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  • wasasister


    Was it Firesign Theater? "I am an angel of God...."

    "Fire Photon Torpedoes!!!"

  • Englishman

    It was "The Firm". I downloaded it for a pub quiz. Hilarious.


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