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  • minimus

    Do you know why the Society says this? Regardless of whether the meeting is for the purpose of shepherding, sharing Bible advice,or simply giving encouragement, "she could develop romantic feelings for the elder.It is possible for an elder to develop improper feelings for a sister he is comforting or counseling. It is especially important never to meet with a sister alone when the sister being assisted has been a victim of abuse, suffers from depression,or for any other reason is in a delicate emotional state.A woman in such an emotional may be more vulnerable and may be prone to develop improper feelings toward an elder meeting with her.".........SO brothers, stay away from those sisters!.....BOE 2-15-02

  • Crystal

    Oh yeah...someone hold me back!!Those elders just turn me on!!Those hot looking suits they wear!!Grrrrrrr!!

  • myself

    Yeah, sure, alrighty then. I am in an emotional state and I am going to jump the bones of an elder.

  • minimus

    GEE, I wish I was an elder

  • CornerStone

    I'm an elder.

    No I'm not.

  • Elsewhere

    Well that would explain all the Hoo-Hoo I got on the sheparding calls!

  • butalbee

    Yes, I did have romantic feelings for elder wart nose. It was that wart, just so sexy.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    This is true, my ex was never allowed to call on a sister who lived alone. They always went on visits with another brother.

    It was not unusual for an elder to shack up with a vulnerable single sister...sometimes they would leave their wives to play house with their new love interest. Usually the single sister was a 'needy' type.... emotionally low and just wanting a man who would listen to her...who no better than an ambitious elder.

    One brother I knew had 8 kids to his bulldog wife...he left her for a bible student...he now has 2 kids to her. He has been reinstated and they ALL sit together....his older kids help with his younger two kids...quite bizarre...they look like mormons.


  • Swan

    This is a normal psychological feeling between counselor/patient called transference and counter-transference. The thing is, it can happen between a same sex counselor/patient too, although not as often. Yet they never warn elders about that aspect of it. These poor guys are so under-educated and ill-equipped when it comes to playing shrink. The WTBTS is setting them up for failure.


  • capbuster

    That's a good rule for someone who is doing the right thing, and in a careing way, to many times a person's testimony or good standing with the people he is acquainted with is blown to pieces doing just this. But from what I've read on this forum, these people do it to cover up there rumplestiltkins. I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with 5 let alone 1.


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