Angelic protection-how does that work again?

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  • minimus

    2 yrs. ago, at the district convention, a sister related her experience of how some strange looking man kept following her while they were driving. She began to pray to Jehovah for help and all of a sudden the man's tires started to blow, one by one. This was shown to prove that Jehovah hears our prayers.

  • PopeOfEruke

    [She began to pray to Jehovah for help and all of a sudden the man's tires started to blow

    ha ha ha - thats a good one! Jehovah must watch too many Elliott Ness you think he used a gun to shoot the tyres, or maybe anti-matter valve stems???

    It seems to me with all these stories that Jehovah is willing to take on a feeble opponent but if its a tough one like Phillipine rebels then he chickens out.....

    I remember a friend at school who was a devout Born-againer, she visited the USA and had an experience in IOWA or somewhere remote like that. Their car broke down on a lonely backroad while on their way to a prayer meeting at night. They were worried that noone would find them as no-one hardly ever used this backroad. But then along comes a car. The car stops and gives them a lift, and the old guy driving says he never comes this way ever, but for some reason he got a feeling to take this road today. And of course, my friend was bragging how The Lord arranged them being rescued. As a braindead JW kid at the time, I scoffed at her.

    But now I wonder - could it all be just RANDOM CHANCE???



  • dsgal

    I for one never experienced divine protection from anything bad when I was a dub,even though I heard and read a lot about it.Guess some rate better than others.

  • Berean

    Fe2O3Girl was exactly right with her comment.

    I mentioned the fact that one missionary was killed a couple months earlier in the Philippines than was the two JW brothers. That was brushed off as nothing just happens all the time. But, when it happened to JWs RAISE YOUR HEADS HIGH, THE TIME IS NEAR PERSECUTION IS UPON US


    Excuse me for yelling, got carried away for a moment.


  • freeman

    I recall several times that divine intervention protected me.

    On more then one occasion my van or car that I used for service would breakdown and I was unable to go out that day. This protected not only me from the drudgery of field service but others that depended on me providing transportation as well.

    I also recall one or two occasions that I had picked up a bad case of the runs. So no way was I going door to door in that condition.

    So there you have it folks, positive proof God is protecting his people through automobile breakdowns and diarrhea.

    Hallelujah! Freeman

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  • Seeker4

    The angelic protection thing always angered me. Even more so after I had a son molested for several years by an older Witness youth.

    Sister so-and-so, during the Pioneer part at the assembly, would say how she didn't have a pair of boots or a coat for winter service, and then would find exactly what she needed at some yard sale, brand new and just her size, for $5.

    I always had to control myself from going up and telling her afterward: "That's why Jehovah let my son be abused for five years without letting us know about it, he was just too busy finding you a goddamn pair of cheap service boots!"

    Interestingly, I knew a lot of JWs who were also disturbed by these sort of stories, as they made God seem a monster.

    I agree with the Pope and Fe203Girl, etc: No angels, no divine intervention. The truth of life is being spewed from a million bumpers: "Shit Happens."


  • Dia

    (If I can stop laughing long enough to ask a serious question....)

    Who got their tongues cut out?

  • searchfothetruth

    fe203girl, it was nice meeting you today along with the others.

    The congregations always have their little tales of angels protecting people and they are exagerated beyond belief everytime they are told. Just to say that the God of 'unforseen circumstance' has managed to cock up my life, like letting me grow up a dub for one.

    Great thread, keep up the humour

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  • Elsewhere

    For it to work one must call out in the name of 'Hovah... the ones who had their tongues cut out obviously could not do that - so 'Hovah allowed them to be beheaded. Hovah is Righteous, therefore his allowing them to die was righteous.

    Sounds like normal JW Judicial Committee logic.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Dear Dia,

    it was reported by the press that at least one of the 2 heads of the beheaded witnessess in the Phillipines, which were found in the local marketplace, had had the tongue cut off. It did not mention if the tongue being cut off was pre- or post-death, but I assume it would have been cut off first, before the poor guy was killed.

    And I just had a little pang of guilt - I apologise if some of the casual remarks made by me in this thread makes light of the murder of these JW's, of course thats not my intention. Its the way that the JW rank and file are mislead by such dishonest tactics as "angelic protection" or "Jehovahs hand of protection". If such a thing exists, it should be reliable and should be able to be counted upon.

    Of course its not; its so unreliable and random that it may as well not exist. Which it doesn't!


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