For those of you that laughed at me.......

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  • scootergirl

    lyin.....i just love you! Yes, you have envisioned my house pretty close! I told eyegirl that my house is starting to smell like Grandma's (the GOOD smell!) when we were kids and would go to her place and smell all her cooking.

    My home is my haven......I enjoy spending time in my kitchen. I told Filthy that I would love to have a bed and breakfast if only we had a big ole' house!

    ~Christy of the "Betty Crocker Class"

  • RubyTuesday

    *sigh* memories of my dear Aunt Nell.I used to love watching her canning.(i always wondered why it was'nt called jarring)

  • RedhorseWoman

    I haven't done canning in awhile. I used to make grape jelly, grape juice, and wine. I also used to bake bread (no breadmaking machine).

    Unfortunately, I have a strange husband who refuses to eat anything homemade. As a matter of fact, he won't even eat the blackberries that we have growing on our property.

    When my daughter was small, I'd cook up fresh vegetables and chicken for her lunches at the babysitter. I figured that fresh food was better than jarred baby food. In order to make things easier, I would cook up a batch, run it through the food mill, and freeze individual portions in ice cube trays. I then stored the chicken, green beans, squash, etc., in separate freezer bags so I could just pull out individual servings for each day.

    My husband, however, noticed several times that the icecubes "went bad" and threw them all out. (sigh)

  • scootergirl

    Oh Redhorse woman........I LOVE BAKING BREAD TOO! Haven't baked too much this summer......but when Fall rolls around I love the smell of baked bread in a house!

    I use to make my kid's own babyfood also when they were little. Whatever we ate, so did they.

    As for your hubby, I can't imagine not wanting to eat anything home made!

  • Nikita

    I just have something to say...

    ummmmmm, pickles!!!!


  • Scully

    Wow Scooter!!

    Excellent work, girlfriend.

    When I was a dub, there were 3 other sisters in the congregation who enjoyed canning and baking as much as I did. Each of us would make two or three of our best recipes in huge quanitities, and then share with each other so we'd have variety. We always had enough relishes, canned peaches, pears, pickles, beets, chutneys for the whole year. We'd also get together and do zucchini bread, carrot cakes, banana bread, pies and muffins for the freezer.

    That's about the only thing I miss about being a JW.

    Anyway, I'm planning to do a bunch of pickled beets once the kids start school. I usually need a whole day to myself to do a batch. If I get energetic, maybe I'll do up a batch of pickles and my veggie relish too.

    Love, Scully

  • scootergirl

    This canning is relatively new to me.......I have been "at it" for only two years now. It all started after I quit my job and decided to be a full time stay at home mom. I don't know what the initial interest was, but after I got started I was always excited to try new recipes. My family really enjoys it and I have to say the work is very fulfilling to me! Sounds silly, but to grow something from seed, take care of it, weed it, water it, the pick it and process it is a very neat "journey".

    I use to can only what was in my garden, but this year I ventured off to a local farm market to get the veggies that I didn't grow. Another great experience was finding a wild raspberry patch and getting up at sunrise to go and pick (what the bears left for me anyway). Something about the sunshine, the birds and the solitude really fed my soul that morning.

  • Cassiline


    You are bringing back so many memories!! You're making my mouth water! It's been so long since I put anything "up".

    Strawberry Jam was always one of my favorites. Gosh I'll bet your whole house smells wonderful.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    What a delightful thread. Thanks to everyone for the memories.

    As I sit here, the blueberries are waiting for me to make jam. It's so friggen hot at the moment, ugh.

    Before my JW days when we lived on a huge farm in Ohio, there was nothing to compare with all the relatives and my mom doing their gardens and canning. How well I remember the root-cellers full of all sorts of goodies. Then came JWism and a move to the big city where nothing was ever the same. >>>>>>hugging myself<<<<<< because sometimes those memories are still heartbreaking.

    On the brighter side though - I'm now the grandmother of 3, and I've learned how to garden, can, bake, and there is nothing as wonderful as that aroma of "grandma's house." Boy, I'm missing those little darlings.

    Hubby and I plan a trip to Colorado where we've heard rumor of still afffordable land where one might actually be able to maintain a garden. Currently we live in desert and dirt! UGH. No luck with a garden this year since it's been drought conditions.

    WEll, guess it's time to sign off and get busy with my blueberries. Didn't have strawberries this year. I like to do a few batches in remembrance of my grandmother...her favorite was strawberry and I always bless them in her name.

    Your family is very you are, too. Glad hearing there are still some stay at home mom's that understand the value of such "labor with love."


  • Trotafox

    I WANNA SEE THE PICKLES. All I see is red 'X's". How come?


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