What will happen when Franz dies?

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  • Simon

    I think his books will continue to give a unique insight into how the WTS operates by someone who has been at the top.

    (Reminded of the lyrics form a Dylan song: "you find out when you reach the top ... you're on the bottom ...")

  • IslandWoman

    Hopefully Ray Franz will not die for some years.

    His death would I think have a negative effect on the current xJW momentum. Also, if there is to be a healing between the Tower and the "diaspora", which many are hoping for, then RF must be there to give his blessing.


  • SYN

    Ray Franz is a great guy, and I'm sure he's going to be fighting the Tower for many years to come!

  • Crazy151drinker

    Nads will get appointed to the Board and save us all! LOL

  • jst2laws


    What will happen to the books he's written will anyone take over the publishing?

    This is a question not even Ray Franz has an answer to as yet. His income from Commentary Press is just above the poverty level. There is no money to hire help. He has no sons to take over. He only started on social security payments at age 59 and has no pension from the society so there is nothing he can do at this point except keep plodding along. If he were to die he would want any possible income from the sale of his books to go to his wife who is many years younger but also in poor health. But someone would have to continue the publishing.

    It makes me sick to think of how many people have given their lives and at their death have given their estates to the
    WT society, making it a very wealthy religious organization. I wish just a few would appreciate the work of commentary press and do something to assure its continuation.


  • Amazing

    When Ray passes away, he will likely be the first member of the Governing Body to ever make it to heaven.

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  • minimus

    amazing,I like your answer!

  • Celia

    Jst2Laws : I wished I lived closer to Ray. I would love to help, for free.

    I always hope to win the PowerBall (50 millions or something like that). Ray would be on my gift list, with our local public television, my brothers and sisters, and a school or two that are doing a great job around here...

    Amazing : I completely agree with you !

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    When Ray passes away, he will likely be the first member of the Governing Body to ever make it to heaven.

    Maybe he'll be helping to wage 'the good fight' on 'the other side'.

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