Should Christians wear sandals?

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  • dmouse

    I came across this clip from an assembly where a CO 'reasons' with the audience on whether Christians should wear beards 'in this time of the end'. !!!!!

    While not containing any reasoning at all it could also be concluded from this clip that the WBTS doesn't like you to wear sandals either. Oh, and Jesus was a cross dresser.

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  • sleepy

    I had a friend who went through a sandel wearing phase.He once wore a pair with his suit to the assembly.

  • RunningMan

    It seems to me that Judas was wearing sandals when he betrayed Jesus. Also, Herod was wearing them when he had John the Baptist (oops, Baptiser, I mean Baptist) beheaded.

    So, since bad things happened both by and to people who were wearing sandals, then it makes perfect sense that sandals have no place in the life of Christians.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    Placing importance upon outward appearance over the inner heart condition is their problem, not Gods. Its an example of petty control that makes no sense at all.

    Anyway, I've got a beard and I have a pair of sandals in the cupboard. Mind you, the local kids down my street did shout after me one day - "LOOK ITS JEEZUS" - Very embarrassing!!

  • Francois

    Number one, I admit it. I'm a Cross-Dresser for Christ. There, I've said it.

    And I think it's perfectly OK to wear:

    Galilee Gliders
    Jesus Jumpers
    Rabbi Rompers
    Jerusalem Boots

    And any other form of footwear we want. Or none.


  • mommy1

    My Dad used to wear his old kingdum Hall dress shoes with tube socks with the stripes, and cutoff jean shorts to the mall. Should christian's wear that? It was so embarrassing especially when we would see other witnesses. I wonder if he "stumbled" anyone with his fashion sense?


    I do not know -- but it has raised another question in my mind which I will post on another thread and sincerely hope that SIMON does not erase it!! queenie


    mommy! -- I AINT INTERESTED IN HIS FASHION SENSE WHAT DID HIS BODY LOOK LIKE IN THEM THERE CUTOFFS..USUALLY I WOULD LAUGH WHEN I SAW THEM DRESS SHOES but only AT HIM NOT HIS FAMILY MOMMY1 - now check out my thread I hope SIMON has not erased it--inquiring minds must know...queenie ((((HUGS))) lol

  • Robdar

    No, absolutely not. Christians, especially Christian women, should not wear sandals. If they have sexy feet, the horny, yet frustrated brothers may have a hard time controlling themselves. We all know that it is the woman's fault that the brothers are always thinking about sex.

    If you are a guy who wants to wear sandals, please wear socks also. That way nobody will have to see your hairy toes and unmanicured toenails.



  • mommy1

    Queenie, My Dad at the time was in his fifties with a big gut and these skinny white legs. He was a janitor at the time and sometimes the shoes would really be dirty, one time he even wore his cutoff yellow dress slacks to the store and my mom lost it. It was so funny. At least my step Mom has managed to get him to wear sneakers. lol.

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