moving On....

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  • Robdar


    Yes, we've had a nasty little flame war but it is over now. Eventually, we will all get over it and have a better understanding of each other's viewpoints. If the disagreements have left a bad taste, please remember that there are many times when an argument will strengthen a relationship.

    This board has helped so many come to peace with the time they spent in the Tower. I am glad that you are one of the ones that found what they were looking for. I hope that you come back every now and then for a visit.

    Best wishes,


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  • outoftheorg

    Yes IBD I enjoyed reading your posts and replies. Know what you mean about moving on. I think we all will after a time.

    Good luck to you and best of wishes in your lifes journey.

    Stop in from time to time. Never can tell what kind of idiotic thing done by the wbts will crop up now and again!


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