Save a prayer, I'll be droppin' bombs...

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  • sunshineToo

    BLUEBLADES, I tried that with my mom, but it didn't work. She was not as rational as I thought she was.

    Happysunshine, I'm sunshineToo.

    Just tried to be calm and avoid arguments. If you get so emotional, your family will think you are demonized. Well, they'll think of you demonized anyway if you quit being in the org. But when you get to tell other people, who are not jws, you'll be more convincing. There are still many people who have no idea what the WTS or the jws really are. I have met several people after my DA, who thought the jws were as good as saints but shocked what has been going on within the org.

    Don't get insane. I came very close to that point, but I realized that I shouldn't be. Because if I did, I would be losing to the WTS. I don't want that.

  • DJ

    Hello Happysunshine,

    I completely agree with the advice that Francois gave you. Unfortunately, it is not a magic bullet. I have been lovingly trying to help my family for a long time now. Sometimes it is as if they are little bratty children holding their fingers in their ears and screeching....."la la la, I can't hear you, la la laaaaaaa" Everytime that happens it still amazes and upsets me. I guess that the best prescription for them is to keep slowly feeding them the true truth until they vomit up the WT lies.

    Sorry to be gross, I just get so angry....Anyway, Sunshine.......go for it, you never know til you try!!!!! Give it your BEST!!!!! I will say a prayer for will take time, so take your time......and never give up! love, dj

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