WTS to pay Ransom of 4 captives....yeah right

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  • ISP

    Negotiators given 5 days
    to talk to Jolo abductors
    Posted: 12:45 PM (Manila Time) | Aug. 23, 2002 Agence France-Presse

    ZAMBOANGA - The Philippine military has agreed to hold its fire and give negotiators five days to secure the release of four Christian women being held by the Abu Sayyaf Muslim gang, officials said Friday.

    The negotiations are to take place despite the beheading of two male hostages by the gunmen who are hiding in Patikul town in the southern island of Jolo.

    Yusop Jikiri, governor of Sulu province, which includes Jolo, said provincial officials asked for the five-day respite and "the military agreed in principle."

    Jikiri said this problem can be handled by the provincial government "if given ample time by the national government and military," adding that the mayor of Patikul, Hasser Hayudini, was engaged in talks with the notorious kidnapping group.

    Jikiri said the military had shelled suspected Abu Sayyaf lairs in Patikul on Thursday but that he had not heard of any further operations against them.

    He stressed that "ransom was the last thing they would consider," in their negotiations because it was against government policy.
    He said the military was "preparing their forces in strategic areas," but were restraining themselves for now.

    The Abu Sayyaf seized six members of the Jehovah's Witnesses Christian sect as they were selling cosmetics in Patikul town on Tuesday. Two Muslims who were initially seized by the group, were swiftly released.

    The severed heads of two male Jehovah's Witnesses were later found along with a message that other non-Muslims would suffer the same fate. Four female Jehovah's Witness members are still in the hands of the group.

    This marked the first abduction by the notorious group after months on the run from US-trained Philippine soldiers.

    Jikiri, a former Muslim separatist guerrilla leader, condemned the beheadings, saying it was "against Islam."

    He also said it was the first time he had ever heard of the Abu Sayyaf beheading their victims so soon after abducting them.

    This abrupt beheading could be a sign of "jostling for power between factions," of the Abu Sayyaf, the governor said.

    Other military sources said the beheadings might be intended to warn the relatives of the remaining hostages to pay ransom quickly.

    Three weeks ago, US Special Forces troops ended a six-month joint counter-terrorist operation on the nearby southern island of Basilan to help local troops defeat the Abu Sayyaf there.

    Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had recently claimed victory over Abu Sayyaf, saying the group's capabilities had been substantially reduced.

    The military believes that senior Abu Sayyaf leaders fled Basilan for Jolo which was not covered by the joint US-Philippine operation.

    Another US military deployment is expected to start in this country in October but it is not yet certain if the American troops will operate in Jolo where various Muslim armed groups are active.

    Its all about money. WTS should pay. Why not?


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  • Satanus

    If the hostages were catholic nuns or priests, the church would step in. Dubs are all 'ministers', so the wt should step up to the plate for it's ministers. Since the wt said they weren't ministering, but working, it looks like they are leaving them to spin in the wind (in jehovah's hands, yah, right). They will likely do like rutherford: stay safe and sound in their tower while the r&f takes the brunt of it. Then let 'satans system' pick up the tab.


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  • ISP

    If these die.........the blood is on WTS hands.


  • hippikon

    Interesting twist on the "Ransom Sacrifice"

  • Mary

    Well this is interesting........in any past kidnappings, who has paid the ransom: the church or the government? Seeing at the Organization has so much frigging money, they should be more than willing to pay whatever to have their people released. Then again, they might view it as "bribery" and would probably try to quote scriptures to the captors, explaining why they can't pay any money because they "can't go beyond what is written". Perhaps they might even start a bible study with them, or at least count time.

  • funkyderek

    Maybe giving large amounts of money to terrorists who have already killed two innocent people, is not such a good idea.

  • orangefatcat

    If the WTBS doesn't do anything to help, than that proves it to me 100 percent, they don't care or have ever given a rats ass about witnesses.

    If they leave them to fend for themselves, they are not true to Christ at all. And they already made a statement saying that they were working not preaching, so what does that say.

    And yes I agree if it was any other religion they would already be trying to get them out of the hand of the kidnappers.

    We will just have to see, what happens.

  • Farkel

    Watchtwer leaders will never pay. That's because they believe in the "Ransom Sacrifice."

    This is all Bible-Based(tm).


  • amac

    You all seem to be missing a very important point. THE WT MAY VERY WELL HAVE NO CHOICE! The Phillipine government is in control of the situation and they have stated that paying a ransom is their last resort. Many governments endorse a "no negotiations" with criminals who have already harmed others and are threatening the lives of more.

    I'm not sure what you expect the WT to do? Send a white guy in a suit over with a briefcase of money? I doubt the gov't there would let any private parties get involved with their dealings of these criminals that they have been chasing for months.

  • Farkel

    : I'm not sure what you expect the WT to do? Send a white guy in a suit over with a briefcase of money?

    No. Thatt would never happen under ANY circumstances. After all, those two fellows will be "in line" for a resurrection, and besides that, Patterson needs more jacuzzis.


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