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  • Beck_Melbourne

    I just wanted to mention some of the warm and wonderful people that I miss and don't see posting much, if at all.

    Incense and Peppermints: your fluff posts and sweet nature is missed around here...you have friends here, don't forget us.

    Dutchie: I am not sure where you are or why you don't post anymore. Maybe someone else may know and can drop me an email. I miss your kind and soft presence. Please check your mail.

    LDH: Girl, I know you're out there, just wanted you to know that you're missed...though we know why you don't post much. How's the babies?? Keep in touch won't you.

    Marilyn: I know you travel a fair bit, but I also suspect you are avoiding the flames. Just wanted you to know I think of you often. Would love an email from you.

    Chezza: I know you are working now...we WILL catch up in real time if not on here.

    alamb: I haven't seen you post in a while...I need to catch up with you in email, so I will. Just wanted you to know I think of you.

    hippikon: son-of-a-kiwi-pakeha, where are you? Missing you, please keep in touch.

    Uncle Bruce: Missing you too funny guy. How's the bush life treating you?? We need an Uncle Bruce update.

    Plum: Where have you been girl?? Don't leave us!!!!

    singsongboi: Missing you too Ken, I owe you mail...hugs to you and yours.

    Kep: Give the babies a kiss from me and then get back online and post will ya.

    taoinitiate: Check your mail! The Australian underground movement needs your leadership!

    Terafer: I really really miss you tera...please email me when you can, if you are still out there.

    There are more...sorry if I've forgotten you. Please add any that I may have missed...

    noidea: woops almost forgot ya. Though I suspect you are still with us

    Pierced Angel: almost forgot you too...hopefully you're just busy and haven't left us.


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  • teenyuck

    There are soooo many more Beck.

    I hope everyone will come by and tell us how they are. Or e-mail us. Mine is always open. I really miss everyone who is on the other DB. They all have very interesting stories and knowledge.

    All of you have helped me and hopefully we will all catch up.

  • Prisca




    Older Tom

    These are also MIA.

  • SYN

    Reborn has been gone for a while, too.

  • Nikita

    Yeru, too!

  • MegaDude

    Dutchie is on vacation for a while.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Nik - I forgot about Yeru - haven't seen his army haircut in a while LOL

    Thanks Mega, yes I forgot about Dutchie going away on vacation or holidays as we call it here. So much to catch up on when she gets back.

    SYN: yes I forgot to mention Reborn, I thought he was having some 'quite' time...so unlike him lol

    Puff, I did get a couple of emails with an update from some, I'll forward that on to your email.

    Prisca: what is MIA? Daah...stooopid here lol


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  • Simon

    I think it's always the nature of a forum like this that some people choose to move on. For most people, ultimately, we may just be a stepping stone on a journey out of the WTS and into 'normality'.

    Some people stick around longer than others (and it's nice that they do) but I can understand people wanting to move on.

    One day I will probably move on myself and if / when I do I will hopefully be able to pass the site on to some safe hands or I may just take a back seat and just help with the techie stuff. For now I'm enjoying it though (still) as I have made some good friends myself that have altered my life.

    I wonder how many of us will remember our current online friends in 10 or 20 years time?

  • expatbrit


    This "who will care/remember in ten years" thing is copyright Expatbrit 2002. You owe me royalties dude!


  • Beck_Melbourne

    I wonder how many of us will remember our current online friends in 10 or 20 years time?

    Hopefully in 10 - 20 years time we will have "Feel-A-Vision" software LOL.

    I also hope to stay in touch with my online circle of friends until armageddon comes


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