HUGE!! St. Petersburg Times Article!

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  • Ranchette

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  • Salud


    You beat me to it. I had just got it pasted and here you already put it out there.

    I will send you and Bill a copy of the newspaper today..

    It was an awesome article!!! Way to go!!

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  • gsx1138

    Nice story! I wish there was more expose like this.

  • SYN

    What an EXCELLENT article! Nice job guys!


    This is easily one of the most thorough and accurate news articles I've read regarding JW theology and culture. It spells out Witness beliefs and practices plainly and, imo, objectively. It even gets JW "jargon" right, which is no small feat for even the most meticulous journalist.

    Even so, as I read it, trying to do so as an uninformed, unbiased reader, I was genuinely amazed at how kooky and cultish so many of the beliefs and practices sound when tiled end to end in an article like this one.

    To think, most of this feces made sense to me at one time. <sigh>

    Thanks for posting the article, Sheila. It's actually one of the best.


  • Dismembered


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Ranchette, et al

    Make no mistake, this article was one of the best ever. Its one shorcoming, I think, was failing to mention that the heavy punishment of DFing is also meted out for offenses as trivialas taking swimming lessons in a YMCA pool, attending services at another church, cutting the lawn or otherwise doing business with another church; owning a firearm, saluting the flag, celebrating the holidays, taking martial arts lessons, yoga, or simply admitting to doubts or misgivings about some (not necessarily all or even most) of JW dogma.

    This is the fine print in the baptismal contract.

  • battman

    YIKES!!! Hi guys, it is not coming up on my browser.

    I sure would like to keep pace with the ORG. and

    share the good news!!!

    Please send URL etc. so I can read it too.


  • ErieGuy

    The EDUCATIONAL VALUE of this extraordinarily COMPREHENSIVE article is a value that should not go untapped.___________

    Everyone should be forwarding this link to the editors of as many local, small town newspapers as possible.__________

    Suggest limiting commentary to requesting that article be reprinted locally, with possible inquiry as to whether any local citizens are being affected by this practice.__________

    Even if there is no immediate response, the EDUCATIONAL VALUE of simply getting the editors to read the article, and hopefully start to understand what this CULT is all about, may discourage the later publishing of CO VISIT announcements, Special Talk announcements, CA/SAD announcements, Quick-build articles, etc.

  • outnfree

    HUGE article, indeed, Sheila!!!


    A nice letter to the editor stating what you just did above might see print if you wanted to mail one.


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