Captain Cordelli's Mandolin

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    I believe you are thinking of "As Good As It Gets". That was a good one too!

    I haven't been to this arena very much, but am really enjoying this tonight, so I will stop by again, as I love to dish and get the dish on movies.

    By the way, I finally saw "Lord of The Rings"........and although I did like some of the special affects, it didn't do too much for me......(am I sick? )

    You are so right about my son. In fact, recently my girlfriend from grade school went with me to pop in on him at work, and she was all tonge-tied and red-faced. When we came outside to get in the car, she said "what a hunk"....She hadn't seen him since he was fourteen. He's almost 33 now.

    Did I say I was proud. Yep I am. And he's just as nice as he is handsome. That's all I will say about him as he is very private.


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    Oh, and yes, thank you sweetie for the nice thought at the bottom of your post. Yep, I do get down. I'm human. But thank goodness I get back up again, without holding onto any bad feelings for anyone who sniped at me.

    I'm getting off here now. I have worked up an appetite for a snack, and hubby is sitting lonely in the LR lounger....

    Here is my son (on not such a good day in early ' dad, his grandfather had just passed away.


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