What the hell has happened here?

by The_Bad_Seed 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Satanus

    Matty, Tsk tsk.


  • Robdar

    Can I please ask people not to try to fake edited by messages to make it appear that something has been edited when it has not. This could be construed as an attempt to cause trouble and stirr things up and isn't helpful right now.

    If people persist then I will simply remove the 'edited by' display and then no one will be able to tell when any real edits take place.


    Simon, with all due respect, just how will that solve the problem? It will just add to the confusion, in my opinion. Why not just remove the editing ability? Let the original posts stand--for better or worse.


  • Sentinel

    Bad Seed,

    In answer to you're "get real" remark to me. Your thread deserved my reply. I went to that thread, not knowing what it was about, and then finding out, YET AGAIN, THAT THIS SUBJECT WILL NOT GO AWAY.

    Without abusing or bashing or cursing or attacking--That's exactly what my post was doing. GETTING REAL!

    GOT IT!


  • Matty

    I have just come back to this thread. I did not mean to offend anyone, it was just my impetuous dumb-ass idea of a joke. I realise it's rather inappropriate of me to make light of something that has caused genuine upset here.

    Many apologies

  • Simon

    As much as I would like to Rodbar, unfortunately I don't think it is possible to ever get away form the fact that there will be times when things need to be edited.

    There are then two choices - either let people know they have been edited and who did it (what happens now) or it is edited anonymously.

    I would prefer to keep things as they are but if I have to I will turn the indicator off to prevent people messing about.

    Cheers Matty

  • The_Bad_Seed

    Why should this subject go away Karen? Because it saddens, tires, or bores you? Should the rest of the Forum seal their lips and not say anything else on the matter simply for your sake, and your "humble opinions"? I just found out about this news this morning, and made a post of it, expressing my suprise "without abusing or bashing or cursing or attacking" as I have the right to do.

  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    (To lighten the mood around here)...

    Hey, Simon...This guy wants to apply for a job as an Editor/Moderator of this Forum...

  • dubla

    ive never quite understood why anyone cares how long a subject goes on, or how many people respond to a troll, etc.......if you dont like the subject, dont click on it. if you click on a thread, and then decide its a pointless thread, or a troll post, or a subject thats being dragged through the mud, then move on to another thread. is it that difficult to select your own reading material, and what you believe is worthy of discussing? if 100 people all post "dont feed the trolls", or, "ignoring the trolls is the only way to make them go away".....will it change anything? will it make the troll feeders discontinue their habits? if 100 people get fed up with a particular subject being dragged out.....will it stop it?


  • The_Bad_Seed

    *Thanks dubla for providing a refreshing dose of reason to the thread*

  • Crazy151drinker

    Do the ends justify the means?

    Will the Trolls ever hide under their bridge?

    OHHH lifes questions are tooooo stressfull.

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