How many Rumors have you ever started?

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  • orangefatcat

    Ah Rumors! Yes that delightful word, any story or a statement made without any proof that it is true. How many of us have actually have started these little rumors? Or been part of a "rumor paradise?"

    Did the rumor become out of control? True confessions now.

    You know what they say confession is good for the soul. So spill your guts folks.

  • Vivamus

    Well, I have been the subject of a nasty rumour.

    A brother in my congregation had had an car-accident. He ended up in a wheelchair, and couldn't speak very well anymore either. Now, this brother was desperate to find himself a wife. So he went after every sister in the cong. And he was quit annoying with it too, he'd block your way with that wheelchair of his, call your attention right across the Hall. It was very annoying, up to the point where you could call it stalking.

    Anyway, I became the object of his affection. YUK!!! And to make all matters worse, some sister had seen him "walking" after me, and had started the rumour that I actually had some interest in him. And so, I was the object of some nasty gossiping, I found out about it when my best friend asked me if it was true. I sat it out, cause rumours die their own death.

  • blondie

    I hate rumors so never start them and squash them right quick too, just like cockroach.

  • gsx1138

    This is one of a few reasons I so willingly left the WTS. Rumors piss me off. Sure I did partake in discussing more than a few with friends but I never made any up. I was always at the ass end of the rumor mill as my butt was dragged into elders meetings constantly for made up shit. I got the bad attitude label when I refused to answer any of the elders questions as to whether I had a drinking problem because I was 18 and got drunk once *GASP*

    Also, I generally called people out on rumors right in front of the rest of the congregation thus embarrassing more than a few people. I bet they are happy I'm gone.

  • ozziepost

    like the pic, gsx!

  • zenpunk

    I was the subject of almost all rumours in my congregation. Just a few are: I'm an alcoholic. I hate men, that's why I'm not married at 19. I'm strange and have a angry disposition.

    One time I told an elder he was misapplying a scripture that he was trying to counsel me with while on field service. His wife was sitting in the car and she told everyone about it. That's a rumour I was proud of (but, then again, it was true).

  • mevirginia

    O and proud of it too.

  • larc

    Well, I spread the very nasty rumor that Farkel is actually a nice person.

  • DakotaRed

    I hate rumors with a passion. I try to never repeat them and if serious enough, try to squelch them. All rumors do is hurt people and there has been enough hurt.

    Lew W

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I HATE rumors and gossip with a passion!!!!

    I stay away from people that poke their nose into other people's business. I have a "to each their own" attitude. I like to know that a friend can confide in me and find me trustworthy; I value that very much. Trust is the epitomy of a true friendship or any relationship.

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